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How To Delete And Clear All YouTube History Completely?

Updated on July 29, 2013

During browsing, searching and watching videos on YouTube, all the searches and browsing typed data or history is recorded to your YouTube account. Like me, some people do not like to keep the browsing data. So, people needs to clear the search history data. It's simple and easy to clear all the search / historical data from your account. This page guides you, the way to delete and clear all YouTube History completely from start to finish.

Step by Steps to Delete And Clear All YouTube History Completely

It's simple and easy to delete all YouTube history form your account. Just follow the steps, and clear all the YouTube history completely:

Step 1: Choosing a browser

To delete all the YouTube account history, at first you need a browser. You can use any browser like Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or any other modern browser. Suppose, we choose Mozilla Firefox browser. To open the browser, right-click on the Firefox browser icon from your desktop and you will find a option Open. Just click on the Open option. Very soon Firefox browser will be opened. The time to open Firefox browser depends as each computer has it's own memory and processing speed. If you use any other browser instead of Firefox, just open the browser in the same way.

Step 2: Accessing official YouTube website

In the address bar of Firefox (or any other browser), type and hit Enter key of your keyboard. Very soon the official YouTube website will be appeared on your browser. The time to come YouTube website appears on the browser, depends on the Internet Bandwidth. So, please be patient if you are using a slow internet connection.

Step 3: Sign up your YouTube account

After opening the official YouTube website into the browser, you will need to sign up your YouTube account. You must have to sign up otherwise you cant clear your YouTube account history. You will find a Sign in button at the top right corner. Just clicked on that button to start signing in to your YouTube account.

Now, YouTube will provide you a from to put your email and password and a sign-in button. Just enter your email address and password correctly in the Email and Password field. Now, click in Sign in button.

Step 4: Accessing Video Manager Option

After completing the successful sign in, you will access your YouTube account page. At the top right corner, you will find an arrow-like icon and just click on that. Clicking on that tiny arrow-like button, it shows a menu options with several option. Just choose Video Manager option from the list of menu items.

Step 5: Accessing the Search History page

Look at the left side of your account. You will find several account related option there. Under Video Manager, you will find Search History option and just click on that option. Search History option is actually a link and just clicking on this link, YouTube will redirects you to the Search History page of your account.

Step 6: Selecting and removing list of history items

You will be the search history page of your YouTube account. All the search history is listed there and you can easily navigate all the history of your account. Now, you have to choose either some items or all of the items to delete. To remove some of the items, you just need to choose the items and click on Remove button to remove theme. Alternatively, you may delete all the history. To do this just select the check box of Remove button and click on Remove button. After pressing Remove button, the history will be removed or cleaned.

Step 7: Clear all search history

If you think to clear all the search history form your search history account page, you have to click on Clear all search history button.

Now, YouTube will pop-up a warning message that Are you sure you want to clear your entire search history? There is no undo. with two buttons: Clear all search history and Cancel. Just click on Clear all search history button to clear entire search history.

When the entire search history is cleaned, you will see a confirmation message Your search history was cleared.with green highlighted color. This message confirms you that the search history is permanently removed.

Following the above step-by-step methods, you can easily delete and clear all your YouTube account history completely


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