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How To Find A Good Computer Service and Repair Technician-5 Tips To Finding a Computer Service and Repair Tech Fast

Updated on August 4, 2013

How To Find A Good Computer Service and Repair Technician You Can Trust?

Anyone can tell you that owns a computer how frustrating it is when you need computer repairs services. If your anything like me your computer or PDA is your lifeline. That goes double for the children in your household. Life as we know it is over if we can't get online.

Just imagine being stuck in the house on a rainy day on the weekend with no internet service? With children? And their friends?!

We know what hospital to go to in case of an emergency but where do we take our computer when it is malfunctioning.Finding a good computer service and repair technician is like finding a needle in a hay stack! They are everywhere.

We may know our way around our computer but we are lost when it comes to the technical aspects of computer repair. Being offline can stop life in it's track from ordering food to finding directions. I don't have to tell those that work from home or have children how devastating having your computer down can be.

Here are a few tips that can have you armed with some experts that will keep you in tip top shape when you need computer repairs services. If your like me being offline is like breathing water. Our computers have become as important as our air. Except we treat it better.

5 Tips To Finding A Good Computer Service and Repair Technician

  1. The best way is to ask your friends about their computer repair experiences. See who they go to when there is a problem with their computer device. Go to the library and see if a computer instructor can turn you in the right directions.
  2. Always ask for references from the repair persons you plan to use.
  3. Go to Craigslist and see who is sticking around for at least a few months and still get references.
  4. Check online for repair people in your area. Look around to see if there is big business going on. If they have been in one location for a while this is a good sign. If they are not busy this is a bad sign.
  5. College or HS students are also very knowledgeable with computers or know who is.

I Found A Computer Service and Repair Technician, Now What?

Finding a good pc computer repair technicians will take time at first, but don't stop with one number, get at least 3. You will be surprise how important the other numbers are when you guy or gal is unavailable. You will find one to be more skilled , and the other to be faster and finally one will be less expensive.

You may have to pay a larger charge because the more skilled person is unable to help you when your in need. Your repair person will come with many skills and may lack some one of the others possess. You will be delighted when you are graced with freebies and upgrades as a thank you for your service or for sending referrals.

Options will keep you and your computer running and in business. You never know, you may even start collecting finders fees or discounts for your referrals from your computer service and repair technician.


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