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How To Get Automatic Targeted Followers To Your Twitter Account- Social Media Marketing

Updated on March 27, 2013

What Is Twitter?

I am not going to insult you by thinking that you have never heard about Tweeting or Twitter. I will however explain the process as if you are a newbie to social media marketing.

Twitter is like a micro blog that uses 120 characters and a link to get your message out. The link is normally shorten because of the amount of characters you have to use.When you send your message, this is called a "tweet". You are now and experienced in Twitter. Congrats!

How To Set Up A Twitter Account

Setting up a Twitter account is like anything else online, you will have to go to sign up and put in your username and password then confirm in your email who you are. Sounds simple so far...good.

The rest you can take your time and play around with:

  • profile
  • picture
  • background (header)

Like so many sign-ups such as emails and blogs we have to be careful how we choose our username but with Twitter we can change it with no problem. I changed my username several times before I was satisfied.

Twitter Profile as Business Card

If you have a business you can use a name like which would be acceptable. Your profile would include a little about yourself and your business website address and address. This is your business card.

Your profile information is very important. It will be viewed by people you want to tell about your business.

How To Market Your Business With Twitter

Using Twitter to market means connecting with users that are in need of your services. Follow people that are pet owners if you own a pet store online or off. Follow models if your a photographer or talent agency. You get the point? You can find your targeted people with the search box in Twitters interface.

You may be thinking that you don't have time to stay on Twitter all day or money to pay a social media person with your budget. No worries, there are programs that will allow you to send rss feed from your blog to your twitter account and program your tweets (specials) to the ones who follow you. A word of warning; always set your twitter account to follow back. Always, or your followers may unfollow you.

Add useful content to compliment your own, with the twitter program of your choice. When you search you will be amazed how many they are. I use twitterfeeds free service. It will allow you to use feeds from interesting content. For example an atom feed and rss feed are the same. You can get them from your blog or other relevant content such as your business Facebook page.

As you can see Twitter is bigger than you can imagine. There are millions of users and people designing program to work with Twitter. As soon as you can set up your own Twitter account and get started. Don't leave free money on the table. Why pay for marketing you can get for free.

Check out my blog that explains how to automate your Twitter account. I have my twitter on automatic. Just look at the lousy picture on the right and see how I have followers coming around the clock. Please vote this article up if you found it to be useful.


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    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 5 years ago

      That is great advice! However this article is for people that want automated content in addition to what they add. It could be jokes, news, weather , movie updates., industry updates etc. Thanks for your helpful comment.

    • profile image

      HowIConquered 5 years ago

      Nice hub! But my advice to anyone wanting to use Twitter to promote their business is to not just use an automated program, but to include the use of a social media talent who can at least log in a few times a week to provide a personal touch. Your sales will be a lot stronger if a real person was reaching out to people and could read their tweets and determine if they were worth reaching out to. And I would advise against anyone purchasing fake followers. They make you look popular but won't give any results when it comes to gaining real followers. Content is what matters.


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