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How To Install Printer Driver

Updated on June 21, 2010

Locate Your Printer Driver

Without the proper driver, your printer may encounter various errors or even worse, not work at all. Therefore it is important to locate and install the proper drivers for your printer. In order to do this you need to identify what printer you have. With printers this is typically an easy process as the manufacturer is almost always clearly visible on the printer. You may also locate an sticker or plate on the rear or bottom of the device which may list the manufacturer, model and serial number. This information will help you locate the right driver.

The first place you should look for your driver is the manufacturer website. You can usually locate this easily enough by searching on your favorite search engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN). Once you locate the website, have a look around for a support section. There is usually a driver/download section where you should be able to find the driver for your device. Use the model and serial number you located to help identify the proper driver before downloading.

Sometimes it can be hard to locate the driver. Some sites are difficult to navigate and just plain confusing. It the event that you can not locate the driver you need I recommend using an automatic driver update tool.

Installing the Printer Driver

First check your newly downloaded driver for any documentation.  Always follow the included directions whenever possible. Most drivers these days come as an executable file.  You just run the file and follow the instructions.  The most you should have to do is reboot when done.  The hardest part is finding the right driver!  Always check for driver updates every 30-90 days as manufacturers release new drivers regularly.

Simplify Future Updates

Keeping your printer drivers updated is important but checking for driver updates can be a hassle.  If you're like me you will procrastinate until you have a problem and then fumble around for hours trying to solve it.  There is a great program called Driver Detective that will simplify the process by instantly updating all of your computer drivers for you.  I highly recommend downloading this invaluable tool and giving it a try.  Add it to your regular computer maintenance and keep your system running as intended.

>> Free Download: Scan Your Computer for Driver Updates <<

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