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How To Keep All Your Passwords Safe Easy, Free, and Readily Available!

Updated on February 3, 2013


Signing in with the KeepPassDroid Password
Signing in with the KeepPassDroid Password
Making an individual entry
Making an individual entry
Generating a password
Generating a password

How You Can Keep Your Passwords and Digital Data Safe

Like many people I have tons and tons of passwords. I've done much research for the best software to keep my passwords safe. I wanted software that was secure, free, and easy to use.

I found software that is encrypted, secure, free, easy to use, and can sync across multiple devices. Never lose your passwords again, even if if you lose or change your phone, computer, or tablets. And as an added bonus, your pictures and other digital data will save and sync as well!

This solution is for Android users, but I'm sure it will apply for Iphone users as well. First, from your android phone, computer, or tablet go to the GooglePlay market (or the on-line website) and download KeePassDroid. If you go to the keepassdroid website, these instructions are for the Classic Edition. The UL is not beautiful but it very effective. More information on KeePassDroid later. Next download Dropbox from Googleplay or the on-line website. Set up your Dropbox account with an ID name and password.

While you are at it, download both sofware products to all your laptops, desktops, phones, and tablets. Make sure you click okay to create a desktop icon for both. Both software products will later be synced among all of your devices. Whenever you add or change any passwords on any device, all changes will be synced!

Now to integrate both products. From your desktop (because it'll be easier) setup KeepPassDroid software, click "okay" to have it save as keeppassdroid.kdb. Create a password for opening your KeepPassDroid (now this password you will have to write down and keep in a secure place).

Now enter in all your password information from all those pieces of paper from all over the house. You'll note that KeepPassDroid allows you to add your ID name, password, website link, and additional notes. You can also create categories and apply icons for each category as well as for each entry. What's really great about KeepPassDroid is you can have it generate a secure password of any length, including using caps and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols - way better than using your pet's name - for you. So while you are at it create new complicated secure passwords to replace all those passwords of your pet's name. Don't worry, you'll never have to worry about remembering them again!

Now open Dropbox on your desktop. You'll see "keepassdoid.kdb" in the menu. Click on it and it will open your KeepPassDroid software where you've entered all your password information. Now all of your passwords will be synced to all the devices where you've set up this software.

On your android device, you have one additional step for saving your data so both software will work together. When you first set up KeepPassDroid, make sure you save to your SDCard. and check "use this as my default database". You have to save to your SDCard in order for any changes you make on your phone will sync with all other devices. When saving changes from your computers, make sure to "save as". No need to change the name of the file, just "save as" over the previous database so that any changes made will sync. And that's it!

KeepPassDroid features:

  • Free!
  • Ability to copy and paste passwords
  • Ability to have a personal or business/professional version
  • Ability to choose advance encryption features
  • Ability to export and import files
  • Ability to lock workspace
  • Ability to print files
  • Ability to generate secure passwords of any length and configuration
  • Ability to categorize passwords
  • Ability to set up ICONs for categories and individual Entry
  • Ability to synchronize among all devices, including tablets, phones, desktops and laptop computers
  • Ability to enter information simply by typing using
  • Ability to synchronize with DropBox
  • Ability to maintain even when using a new phone or new device by simply downloading software and opening product!
  • Ability to add notes for each entry

Features of DropBox

  • Free!
  • Ability to have a personal or business/professional version
  • Ability to securely save passwords, pictures, and other digital data
  • Ability to sync with KeepPassDroid
  • Ability to use from other device that has Dropbox and KeepPassDoid software, including computers, tablets, and phones
  • Ability to sync photos and videos automatically
  • Free space is being continually expanded by DropBox!

I use KeePassDroid's ability to enter notes to add complicated notes that I want to remember, like how to set up my WIFI or any other notes that I want to keep secure and with me at all times.

If you have any questions about syncing or setting up the software, please ask!


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