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How To Make $200+ A Week On Twitter

Updated on May 22, 2015

Increase Profits On Twitter

Since Twitter has become the new hype in the social media scene. Everyone wants to get more twitter followers because the more people following you on twitter, the more money you can potentially make on twitter. Twitter has been in the social media spotlight for quite some time now, and in that time, the twitter community has grown to millions and millions of users. This means that you can also benefit by getting more twitter followers and making money on twitter through a huge audience of twitter users.

This makes Twitter a very powerful social media platform. With that being said, millions of people are actively using twitter on any given day, tons of opportunities can arise from people you meet. Lets not forget all the prospects and leads that you can attain as well. In my case, Twitter has proven to be a very profitable way to make money with social media and I use it to increase traffic to my articles as well as many affiliate programs that I promote. Overall, Twitter is a great way to increase traffic to your affiliate programs or your businesses website, especially when you have a lot of twitter followers.

A Quick And Easy Way To Increase Followers on Twitter

One of the easiest ways to increase twitter followers fast, is with tweet automation software like Tweet Adder. When your using software like Tweet Adder, you will find twitter much less time consuming, and you'll really like how easy it is to get more twitter followers. Tweet Adder automates tweets, automatically follows specific users that have similar interests as you, automatically follows back people that are following you, and automatically unfollows people that are not following you anymore. Best of all, you can automate an unlimited amount of twitter accounts.

Making Money On Twitter

It's a common question that people ask: How to make money with Twitter?

When your first starting out on twitter, it can be discouraging starting with only 1 or 2 followers. But don't worry, the numbers can build quickly and there are plenty of things you can do to get more followers on twitter. The main idea behind success on twitter is to be consistent and determined. In order to be successful with social media, consistency is key and its the only way to ensure that you are consistently getting more followers. As you continue to get more followers, you will notice that your profits and exposure will increase as well because you have a larger audience.

Basic Guidelines To Follow To Get More Followers On Twitter

  • Identify a certain niche that you want to concentrate on, this will help you target specific followers that are interested in the same things you are. Relevant followers are more likely to click on your links and connect with you.
  • Stay active in the twitter community. Be social, make friends and interact with others for the purpose of making new connections.
  • Be friendly and supportive, its great to mention other twitter users. Start a conversation by asking some questions.
  • Follow back people that follow you. You can use Friend or Follow to do this.
  • Try to follow at least 50 people a day on twitter, hopefully they will follow you back.
  • In order to get people to follow you on Twitter, your content needs to be interesting, relevant, or helpful. Good content goes a long way.

When you do this, you will be sure to succeed on twitter, and consistently increase followers. As you increase followers, continue to join programs that help you make money. Programs like CPA offers, Internet Marketing offers, MLM programs and affiliate programs are perfect ways to make over $200 on Twitter. As you get more followers, you will discover other ways to monetize.

But take my advice, its best to start with offers that don't cost money to start. One of the programs that I like is called Sponsored Tweets and its a great way to make some extra money on twitter without investing money in the beginning.

Twitter Is Time Consuming - But You Can Save Time On Twitter

Its true, some of the guidelines that I listed above could prove to be time consuming. But there are also ways that you can save time on twitter and get all this stuff done with much less effort. In fact, I don't spend more than 20 minutes on twitter a day, on some days I don't get on twitter at all. As you can see, my twitter account is always getting more followers because I use twitter software that helps me

  • automate tweets
  • automate follows
  • automatically follow back people
  • automate retweets and mentions
  • automate an unlimited amount of Twitter accounts
  • automate thank you direct messages to your new followers
  • and automatically unfollow people that follow me
  • find highly targeted twitter followers that are relevant to my niche

and much more than that. So Now you know the Twitter software that I use and its been around for over a year now. In fact, its been renowned as a very powerful way to get more followers on twitter and even some celebrities and public figures use it to get more followers on Twitter. Like I mentioned before, not only does it work great for increasing twitter followers but it also does a great job of saving time on Twitter. Its very affordable and if your looking to get more followers on Twitter, I would highly recommend it because it allows you to get more twitter followers while you get other things done. If your interested in some other features that Tweet Adder offers, feel free to check out their website below.


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      Neb 7 years ago

      I have a few friends that make a living on Twitter and many of the ideas you mentioned seem very valuable. I only have 200 followers now but I'll definitely take a look into tweet adder