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How To Make A Website Mobile Compatible With 10 Effective Options- Mobile Optimize Your Website

Updated on February 27, 2012

Being able to make a website mobile compatible today is vital to every business online today. In today's society millions of people surf the web every second through their mobile device. If you have a business online you are doing yourself a great disservice by not setting up your website to also be viewed on mobile devices.

Did you know that web surfers surf via their mobile device 4 times to 1 PC user? This means if a mobile user can not view your page they will click away instantly to find one they can view effortlessly.

Being out the mobile loop is killing your potential business by keeping you from millions of people. There are many that have paid $500 or more to enable this very important conversion. Some have even paid $10,000 or more to website builders for their expert ability to create a website capable of being captured effectively on a mobile device.

There are some less expensive options if you are already online and want to convert your website to mobile compatibility. I will share this with you below.

How To Make Your Website Mobile Compatible

  1. Simply your navigation in your website. You don't want your mobile viewer to become confuse and leave.
  2. Take out Flash feature on the pages you want your mobile device viewer to see(it won't show ) you can always emb a YouTube video when you want to share a visual message.
  3. Limit the amount of images you have on your website. Visitors need to see what they want quick. Stick to the solutions and benefits.
  4. Word Press users can convert their web-pages in about thirty seconds by installing the WP Touch plug-in. It's free and you can customize what you want your visitors to view.
  5. Blogspot or Blogger users will be happy to know that a option to view their website by mobile devices are asks as an option to mobile users. However you will may have to click that option in your back office.
  6. Movable Type use plug-in called iMT. I am not familiar with this but if you have a Movable Type website check your back office for this plug-in.
  7. Buy a Plug-in for your website. You can google plug-ins to convert website to mobile and pay about $50. You can then have your website optimized for mobile viewing without redesigning your website.
  8. Pay Elance, Guru or other online technical workers to recode your website. This can cause hundreds of dollars depending on your websites size and capabilities.
  9. Pay companies such a gomobi which has a 30 day free trial and charges you $7.99 a month to redirect your website to a mobile view to all platforms of mobile devices. They also give you over 150 ways to control how you want to show and interact with your viewers with simple controls. There are other companies that have 7 day free trials and cost a little more. Always do your research to be sure free is not the best way to go.
  10. Hosted Website mobile conversion- Set up a mirror doman for your website.exam: www.mydomaindotcom to mobile.mydomain dot com. You can do this by going into your hosted site control panel. Next create a php file and call it "global prepend_file.php and throw it at the root of your server. Head spinning? Don't worry here are the instructions to set up a mirror domain to make your website mobile friendly.

Hopefully you found this hub very informative and helpful. Making your website mobile should be a top priority but not a pain in your neck. Competing globally will enhance your business and certainly increase your bottom line. Don't make the mistake of not preparing by setting your website up correctly.


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    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 5 years ago

      Thanks Jackcalara!

    • jackcalara profile image

      jackcalara 5 years ago from Gurgaon

      Awesome tips you share here for creating mobile website. Thanks for sharing this tips.