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How To Make Your Google Project Fi Phone Plan FREE For a Year?

Updated on February 10, 2017

Using the Project Fi Basic Phone Plan

The Google Project Fi phone plan basic package is $20 a month for using talk and text unlimited. This is still pretty cheap considering the fact that most companies or carriers won't allow you to purchase a smartphone without adding a data plan. Sometimes will force you to buy a phone you don't want because they will tell you that your device won't properly work without a data plan. But I am here to tell you that is a false statement. Your smartphone is able to run and work properly without a data plan and this will make your phone bill cheaper just by disabling your data. Now, must warn you that you won't be to use the internet nor surf the web or check out your social sites or Youtube. Now, if your Wifi settings are turned on or you have WiFi at home or in a location that has WiFi access, then you are able to continue to do what you enjoy. But, when you first sign up to Google Project Fi phone plan, you must choose a data plan. But once you set up the sim in the Nexus device, then you can turn off the data right away. In the next section, I'm going to take you through a walkthrough of how to disable your data in your OS settings.

How To Disable Data In Settings

So every android device has its own data settings or it should, at least. Below are the steps to disable your data.

  • Tap on your phone settings icon.
  • Tap on the Data Usage Tab
  • Tap on the Data Cellular Tab
  • All Finished

There! That was very easy and simple! Now you can enjoy having a cheaper phone bill with Google Project Fi. You will still have unlimited talk and text and still be able to use most apps offline such as Google Maps, Google Play Music, Youtube Red and more.

My $20 phone bill on Project Fi June 2016

My phone bill in June was exactly $20!
My phone bill in June was exactly $20!

The Pros and Cons of Having No Data with your phone plan

Below are some advantages or disadvantages of not having data connection.


  • A super cheap phone bill!
  • Have access to offline controls and apps
  • Unlimited Talk and Text
  • Wifi connectivity if and when WiFi settings are turned on


  • No Internet access
  • Not all apps run correctly without data or Wifi access
  • Phone quality might not be as great over LTE or WiFi-Calling
  • SMS messages might take longer to send than usual
  • MMS messages are unable to be downloaded or sent if data and Wifi is not connected

What You Need To Know About Using Project Fi Basic Phone Plan


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