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How To Make or Print Labels on Windows Word 2007

Updated on January 21, 2012


Making or printing labels on Word 2007 is pretty easy to do.  It just takes a little figuring out.  When I made the switch to Windows 2007 I found there were definitely some changes from the 'old' word program that took a little figuring out.

If you are attempting to print out labels on your printer using an older version of Word Windows 2007 see my link down at the bottom of this article. That should help you out just fine.

Step 1

Open word on your PC and insert labels properly into your printer.

Step 2

Go to MAILINGS at the top center of your computer screen

Step 3

Then click the LABELS icon/button at the left top of the screen.

Step 4

There are radio buttons on the window that appears.  You can either select SINGLE LABEL or FULL PAGE OF SAME LABEL.  For this article, I am using FULL PAGE OF SAME LABEL which is the default radio button setting anyway.

Full page of same label allows for multiple labels on one page.

Step 5

There is an OPTIONS button at the bottom of this window.  Click OPTIONS.

Step 6

In the LABEL VENDORS drop down box, select the vendor that makes the label you have inserted in your printer.

Step 7

In the PRODUCT NUMBER box, select the product number of the label you have inserted in your printer.

The product number is usually noted somewhere right on the label sheet. If not there, it is definitely on the box that you removed the labels from.

Step 8

Click OK.

Step 9

The previous window you were in will appear on your computer screen. Click the NEW DOCUMENT button

Step 10

A view with the same layout of your labels will appear on your computer monitor.  Type info onto your label(s) as you want them to appear, print, etc.

Wait! There's More!

Once you enter your info on your label you might want to align it differently than it appears. This was a little more nuanced than the older versions of word. Click the link below for more info.


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