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How To Open An SVG File

Updated on June 2, 2009

SVG, or scalable vector graphics, is a file format for storing vector graphics. This is a relatively new format standardized by the world wide web consortium, the same group that standardizes things like HTML. SVG files can be used for illustrations in books, magazines, and articles, and are also used for other things like scalable icons. You'll need different types of software depending on what you want to do with your SVG file.

Viewing SVG Files

Many modern web browsers support viewing SVG files directly in the browser with the notable exception of Internet Explorer. Firefox, Safari and Opera all support SVG. Another option is the Adobe SVG Viewer on Mac OS and Windows.

Editing SVG File

If you need to edit or create an SVG file, you'll need more sophisticated software. The most well known program for creating and editing SVG files is Adobe Illustrator, which runs on Macs and Windows computers. Another great alternative is Inkscape, a free vector graphics editor whose native format is SVG. On Windows, there are a few other options like Corel Paint Shop Pro and Microsoft Visio.


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    • profile image

      Navik 5 years ago

      "With the notable exception of Internet Explorer."

      "blah blah blah on Mac OS and Windows"

      "which runs on Macs and Windows computers. "

      You surely get paid iMoney to iPromote Apple. Don't you ??

      and by the way Internet Explorer supports SVG.

      It wouldn't hurt you to do some research and post unbiased pages.

      Just because you like to call your computer with some fancy bits - a Mac, doesn't make it more or less different than a - (guess what?) COMPUTER !!

    • profile image

      Rob 5 years ago

      IE now supports SVG.

    • profile image

      nts 5 years ago

      nice, thanks for the kind information.

    • profile image

      jg 6 years ago

      "with the notable exception of Internet Explorer..." Thanks that answer got to the heart of my problem.


    • profile image

      dardan 7 years ago

      thanks it was very helpful