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How To Protect Your Identity On Facebook

Updated on June 2, 2013

Being Safe On Facebook

The Social network Facebook is a wonderful way to connect with the people you know and sometimes people you don't know. Facebook is a great way to network, interact, and find people that you lost contact with, and make new connections.

Business owners have managed to market their businesses and gain the extra exposure that every business needs. From Facebook groups, to post that make you laugh, and some that even make your cry, Facebook has revolutionized the way we feel about social media.

In most cases when people join social networks they think about having a little fun and making social connections but do not think about potentially the other side of meeting people you don't know. When can Facebook become a medium for disaster? When we do not take the necessary precautions to protect our identity. There are things that should be taken into consideration when creating a Facebook account. Identity theft, sexual predators, robbers, terrorist, hackers, and anyone capable of committing a crime against you.

Since I have been on Facebook I notice that a few of my Facebook friends have had their accounts hacked or have had fake profiles created of them. They actually posted warnings to inform others that this happened. Now this to me could be very dangerous.

Facebook is nice but I think some people provide too much of their personal information on there profile. A person could steel a persons identity and make a resume from the information provided from a person's work and education history.

Here are some precautions that can be taken to make your identity safer on Facebook and other social media networks.

*Make sure your birth date is not visible-if people do not know your birthday it makes it hard for them to steel your identity

*Be cautious about accepting friend request from people in other countries-there is a such thing as terrorist

*When you are on vacation only post information about that vacation when you return home-this is a perfect time for a robber to rob your home

*Unless you are a business owner do not post your phone number-because I am a business owner and have received some of the strangest phone calls including people actually coming on to me even though they see my married status

*Try not to post any nudity, or profile pictures in bathing suits or your underwear-there are sexual predators out there

*Not providing the city where you live is a good idea-I post my state only because this also makes it a little harder for anyone to steel your identity

*Try not to provide information about school or work schedules or any other where abouts

For More ways to stay safe on facebook go here:

Facebook for me has been a wonderful experience. I have even managed to find family members I did not know existed but with anything that was first created to be a positive experience unfortunately there are people out their that bring negativity. Make sure you play it safe by taking the necessary precautions and forward this article to your family members and friends that you care about. You could even repost it on your social media networks.

Take a look at the video and if you are a person that is having any of these problems on Facebook report them to Facebook.

Copyright by Victoria Sheffield/All Rights Reserved

(take at look at her story)

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