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How To Quit Using Facebook

Updated on March 24, 2016
  • Spending Hours On Facebook
  • Like Everything!
  • Use Facebook Games/Apps Hours of a day
  • Feel Lonely When Not On Facebook
  • Stressed when A Facebook 'Friend' Does Not Add You
  • Sharing things to often.


Do your friends and family joke about you being addicted to Facebook? Well really they might be right. I have notice a lot of my peers (Facebook Friends) around me are online or posting something every 25 minutes. Like it or Not FaceBook Has a Grip On Some Of Their Users. it's Time for People to realize this and take action!

Do Any Of The Following Apply To You?

  1. Facebook has a negative effect on work/school.
  2. Fell Troubled If Unable To Use Feacbook.
  3. Use Fecebook To Escape Personal Problems.
  4. You Use Facebook More & More & A Little More.
  5. Spend A Lot Of Time Thinking Or Planing On Using Facebook.
  6. Feel Facebook Is A Necessity Of Life.
  7. Have Friends You Don't Personally Know.
  8. Having withdraws when you can not get on Facebook.

Are You Addicted To Facebook Test

view quiz statistics

Your Not Alone

Facebook use has increased extremely fast Since its creation. It lets you communicate with other users almost instantly. Maybe you started using Facebook to keep in touch with your friends or make new ones online. Maybe You was just bored and needed something to do. Maybe you feel you have to have one because everyone else does. Social media has made us more connected , Its so convenient. Some Facebook Users can not get enough of the social media giant and many show sings on withdrawal and mood swings that are similar to gambling addicts and junkies. You ever ask someone what they are doing and they reply saying "On Facebook" Makes me think...

Try to Disconnect

Turn off notifications, subscriptions or anything else that may turn your attention to Facebook.

Joebama Seal Of Approval

Joebama Approves Of This Page
Joebama Approves Of This Page | Source
  • Pointless Games/apps
  • Stressed with what happens on Facebook
  • Addiction
  • Drama

Your Choice

Stay on Facebook or leave. Some users find that they have to have a Facebook account. Here are a few reason to quit using Facebook.

  • Facebook Tracks Your Usage
  • Your account is spammed daily
  • Long-term Benefit of Facebook = 0
  • Full of fake users

The Facts

Facebook is tracking your every move on the Web.

Admit If You Have a Problem

There is no since in trying to stop an addiction if you do not believe that you have one, Seriously.

Take a deep breath and admit that you have a problem.

Now that you know about your problem we can proceed to fix it.

Maybe Post it on Facebook to let other know.

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Goal Examples

  • Why did you sign up to Facebook?
  • Meet people with similar interest.
  • Join the conversation about Facebook addiction

Define Your Goals

If you have no goals you will not get much accomplish. How many hours a week do you think is healthy to spend on Facebook? How many Friends is to much? How many Likes do you have? how many pictures did you post/share today? Set Goals and reward yourself when you meet them.

Not So Fun Fact

Facebook uses Facial Recognition on its users to automatically tag then in photos.

How Much Do You Use

Write down how much time you spend using Facebook. At the end of the day you may add up how much time is wasted. Recording you time is important, You Must Do This. By doing so, it shows how bad your addiction really is. You need to write down your Facebook Hours. After a week or two you will notice your time spent on Facebook will Decrease. Keep tabs of what you really do on Facebook. Track Your Usage! Record your Login and logout.

Art By: Joseph Renne Facebook Clock
Art By: Joseph Renne Facebook Clock | Source

Set time of the day to use

By limiting the time you use you will spend less time using. Try to cut down on the use of Facebook. Limit Yourself.

Find something else to do


  • Get Buff (Start working out)
  • Read. (A Book, Magazine, Newspaper)
  • Volunteer (At a Soup Kitchen Or Shelter)
  • Socialize in the Real World (See A Friend)
  • Learn a new language (Spanish, French )
  • Go Fishing!

Please Follow Your Schedule

  • A Schedule can show you your addiction.
  • Set Daily limits For Instant Messaging.
  • Set a weekly limit so that you have to spread it out.
  • Ask friends or family to help you stay offline.

Delete Your Account If Its That Big Of A Problem

If you can not stick to your schedule you can always leave Facebook. Do you find it difficult to spend even a hour away from Facebook? You may want to Just Erase your Facebook account. ~Cold Turkey~

Facebook make it super easy to deactivate an account under the settings menu.

Stop Clicking Like So Much
Stop Clicking Like So Much | Source

Stop Clicking 'Like'

When you like something Facebook will starts sending you ads and trying to sell you things you probably do not need.

On Facebook 'Likes' become Ads plain and simple.


As with anything you need a little self discipline. You may find that it help to have a friend to help.

Maybe Buy A Kitchen Timer

Hey! Just Get Away From The Computer/Phone

It is as simple as to stay away from your computer as much as possible. Find Another Site To Waste Time On. Check the news, check your email, or watch a funny video. Turn Off Email Notifications! Turn off the computer. Get away and stay offline. Hang out with your friends or family!

Get A Life

  • Stop Writing every little thing on your wall (Please)
  • Stop Taking Quizzes
  • Stop Commenting/Like on everything (You will tell a difference)
  • Stop wasting your life on Facebook (Do something else)
  • Stop Playing the silly Games and Annoying friend with Game Request


Facebook might seem harmless but it can be a horrible on your health. I have limited my Facebook usage to 3 hours a week. It has help a lot. Anyways Facebook has control over some of its users and some users find it hard to step away even for a few hours. Please consider Deleting your account if it is such a big problem.

Facebook Usage

How Many Hours Do You Use Facebook A Week

See results

© 2012 Joseph Renne


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    • Joseph Renne profile image

      Joseph Renne 5 years ago from Milton

      Thanks duffsmom. I have quit using as much. Still have one because its linked to here and many other of my regular sites.

    • duffsmom profile image

      P. Thorpe Christiansen 5 years ago from Pacific Northwest, USA

      Good advice here Joseph, well done.

    • cuttler profile image

      Cuttler 5 years ago from HubPages

      Two addictions that are hard to quit: Facebook and Smoking. Great you should point this out though am sure no matter what I do I can never quit FB. So I decided to put it to good use like posting links to my hubs and blogs on the wall of my FB profile. It sure is a hard thing to quit and am sure your tips will be of help to many. Great hub

    • Joseph Renne profile image

      Joseph Renne 5 years ago from Milton

      Thanks for Commenting. I have seen it become a huge problem is some peoples lives, Its sad that some Facebook users go though withdrawals.

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 5 years ago from Northern California

      Thanks for these pointers. It's crazy how much of an issue it can become in a person's life! This Hub gives people a good starting point for considering whether it's time to stop.

    • Joseph Renne profile image

      Joseph Renne 5 years ago from Milton

      Thanks For Reading, Remember the media giant Myspace? Well i think facebook will have a similar death. As soon as all the ads appeared everyone left. Young users are switching to Tumblr and twitter. I think 25-40 Aged people will most likely stay on Facebook. Anyways thanks for the comment! Do You Have Any Suggestion to Enhance this hub?

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

      I just deleted my account with FB for the second time. I have better things to do than answer questions and send and recieve silly gifts and cards.. Great topic..


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