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How To Remotely Access Your Computer Or Someone Else's Through Teamviewer

Updated on July 21, 2012

Remote access can be really handy when it comes to computers. With the extreme rise of places with internet access worldwide, many users would find it comfortable if they can access their home computer right from their work, or vice versa. Imagine you have forgotten a necessary file at home and you need it urgently; no time to go back home and your boss is yelling at you. With such applications you can gain access to your own computer and "use" it, grab the file and send it remotely to work and you are ready to go.

Teamviewer is the most popular remote access software available. It is easy to use, free for non-commercial use and provides hassle-free access to whichever computer it has been installed onto, as long as you know the ID number and the password. Actually, Teamviewer generates a one-time password every time you log in it, so you can also be sure that your computer is secure and cannot be used remotely without your consent; since the password will not stay the same, unless you want it to be this way.
There are many ways you can take advantage of Teamviewer; if a friend needs help with something, you can always connect to his PC and show him how things are done; he will see the mouse move "on its own" and you can complete what he wasn't able to do, right from your computer, even from thousands of miles away. It is very convenient, right? The possibilities are endless!
How it works: You need to know the ID number (permanent) and the password ( temporary one-time random password or permanently set user defined password) of the computer you are gaining access. From the main Teamviewer window, you enter the ID and the pass, the window will open up with full access on the computer. You can even request a remote reboot (computer will shut off and restart with Teamviewer already on) or achieve file transfers between the two computers. Once the work is done, closing the main window will end the remote access.

Through Teamviewer you can provide help, remote troubleshooting, even tutorials and other educational lessons, but be careful; it is only free if not used commercially. If you plan to make a profit from it, then you'd better buy a business license or you might run into serious legal problems.


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    • Aliasgar Babat profile image

      Aliasgar Babat 4 years ago

      Additionally, remote support appliances from RHUB can also be used for remotely accessing MAC and Windows computers.

    • profile image

      Eugene 5 years ago

      You may also want to try this remote desktop connection or

      The first Ammyy Admin v3 is much easier as It works behind gateways NAT without port mapping and doesn’t require installation, registration and specific settings adjustments.

      Literally you can connect to any PC within 20 seconds.

      Good alternative though!