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How To Remove Scratches From The Apple Magic Mouse

Updated on May 16, 2012

The Apple Magic Mouse

How To Remove Scratches From The Apple Magic Mouse
How To Remove Scratches From The Apple Magic Mouse | Source

How to remove scratches from the apple magic mouse

How To Remove Scratches From The Apple Magic Mouse. Dont worry, your not out of luck yet !

The reason I have made this post is because I have been in the exact situation as you probably are now. I had developed a huge deep scratch down the middle of my magic mouse, and anyone with one will know that you use gestures on the mouse I.E swiping, so every time I went to swipe I could feel it, this became very irritating after a while and I even considered buying a new one.

BUT like all apple products its not cheap, so I did quite bit of searching to find a CHEAP solution to remove the scratches instead , it took a while but after searching in different sources I came across this product a few times called Polywatch. This product is primarily used to remove scratches from watches, but apparently it works on the magic mouse too. I decided to navigate my way to amazon and found the product there for around £3 -$5 so I thought "why not its worth a try".

The procedure for removing the scratches

  • Apply a small amount of the product onto the piece of cloth or tissue
  • Use small circular motions with moderate pressure on the scratched area
  • Re-apply when the solution becomes scarce, continue to do this until the scratch is removed

The results which I found

After doing this procedure I was amazed how well it had worked, I was so glad I bought this product and not bought another mouse, couldn't recommend this product enough to anyone in the same predicament.

Thank you for reading this article entitled "How To Remove Scratches From The Apple Magic Mouse".


Luke James


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