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How To Set-Up A Multimo Portable Satellite Dish

Updated on July 17, 2016

The Multimo Kit

Multimo Satellite Kit
Multimo Satellite Kit

What this is all about.

This hub has been created to help people who are struggling to set up the Multimo Portable Satellite System Kit. The unit has been on sale for some years from a larger number of retailers around the country. It can be found sitting outside many caravans, motorhome and on many narrowboats.

When visiting the Variour Caravan & Motorhome shows we quite often see people walking around with the Multimo Box.

Step1 - Installing Cable to Dish

OK this is brief tutorial for all you novices. Unpack the box and ensure that you have the following.

  1. 10 Meters coax
  2. Multimo Dish
  3. Additional Clamp
  4. 2 push on connectors
  5. A receiver

  6. a sat-finder with its own cable.

First take out the 10 meters of cable and attach the f-connectors to either end. Then screw one of the screw on connectors to the F-Connector. You should now have a cable with a screw on F-Connector at on end and a push on F-Connector at the other end.

Fit the screw on connector to the dish and put a little grease or vaseline on it if you wish.


Image from ROADPRO
Image from ROADPRO

Step 2 - The Sat-Finder

Unpack the Sat-Finder and connect the short cable to the screw that shows ''RECEIVER". Next Fit the other push on F-Connector to the other end of the short lead you have just fitted.

Image from ROADPRO
Image from ROADPRO

Step 3 - Connect it all together

Ok, you should now have a Sat-Finder with a cable fitted to the receiver side and a push on F-Connector at the end of it. A Multimo Sat Dish with a cable fitted and again you should have a push on F-Connector at the other end of the cable.

OK, connect the push on F-Connector from the Dish to the Sat-Finder. You will see a little picture of a satellite dish on the sat-finder. Just push it on.

Run the cable into the caravan, motorhome or narrowboat and connect it to the rear of the receiver. (Sky box, Freesat or Free To Air all good)

It will be clear which side it needs to be connected to.

Connect this lot to a telly and the power.

Step 4 - The Set-up.

OK, quick setup instructions.

On the side of the dish you will find a black wing nut and an elevation guide.

If you are in the UK, Set the evelation between 20 and 25, in the middle which gives around 23ish degrees.

The Astra satellite that we are looking for hangs out about here. Turn the sat-finder up until it makes a noise and then turn it back down until the noise stops.

Make sure the portable satellite dish is on a flat surface and turn it around until you hear the sat-finder make a noise. Move the dish side to side until the signal is strongest.

NOTE: ASTRA 1 and ASTRA 28 (2A,B) are next to each other and are very difficult to separate. It may help to turn the sat-finder down a little more at this point.

Ok, enjoy your viewing.


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