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Laptop Help - How To Speed Up Your Slow Laptop - Cooling Pads And General Care

Updated on June 19, 2014

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Steps to Help You Speed Up Your Laptop

It goes without saying that once you have used your laptop computer for a period of time, you will experience some changes occurring within it. One of these changes will describe your device as a slower computer making your every task and operation be harder to perform.

Many laptop owners would consider buying a new one, but they don't know that there is something to be done with it. So, before you decide changing your current laptop with a brand new one, just take your time and read this article. It won't last long, and more than this you will find some steps that you can do to make your device run faster.

Step 1. Have a security scan of your laptop because you may have many corrupted files that make your device run slower. The thing is that with a frequent online surfing and accessing many websites to download files, you might have come across several of these files that were infected. Make sure that your device is equipped with an updated anti-virus program to safely run the scanning.

Step 2. Get rid of the junk programs and files that you don't make use of at all. Have you ever wondered how many of these are taking the space on your system? All these junk files will occupy a lot of space making your laptop run very slow. So, open "My Computer" and go to the option "Program Files" and delete from there what exactly you do not use.

Step 3. Another option would be to disable some services and programs that can be found within the startup operation. In order to do this you should click on Start, then choose Run and type in "msconfig" under the services tab and disable the services that are not wanted.

Step 4. Go to Windows registry and perform a scanning to have this one fixed. The registry on your laptop stores all the settings related to configuration the same as the human brain does with the information. When a registry setting is incorrectly done, then it will lead to a corrupted registry that makes your device run very slow. Leaving the corrupted entries there will only make your system reach a degraded stage slowing down the speed performance of your laptop.

How to Buy a Cheap Cooling Pad for Your Laptop

It is very important for your laptop to function properly as to many users this device is the tool that enables them to earn themselves a daily living. One issue that your device can confront with is the heating upon operating.

Many laptops are prone to overheating after a longer period of usage and in order to prevent this, you should consider buying a cooling laptop pad which can help the fan within your device perform the correct cooling. This pad can be located beneath your laptop and will assist into running an active or inactive cooling service.

The process takes place quite naturally: the dynamo will put the cooler in motion transporting the fresh air to the heated area chasing the heating away. This is as much as the active function can go while with the inactive way, this depends on the conductive materials that are thermally designed. One such example is the method using unique crystalline compound. This element is designed to take over the excessive heat dispersing it away from the laptop. How does this pad become active? It will have its power delivered by one of the laptop's USB ports. You will find many of the cooling pads coming with built-in USB hub.

Card reader is another feature for a diversity of media forms such as memory sticks, key drives, and hard disk drives on 2.5" laptop. Through these coolers the heat is drawn from the base while others will work in various manners by blowing cool air towards the device.

If you plan to purchase one such cooling pad you should choose one from the following types:

1. The pad using fans for fully cooling the laptop.
2. Increasing of the airing within the laptop device.

One cooling pad approach goes for placing the laptop on top of the pad and once this one generates extra heat, this one is absorbed by the pad (composed by a solid compound crystal). Thus the running temperature of your laptop is diminished. This is recommended mostly for those laptops which are used for longer hours, because in this case, the heating can come in excess.

Purchase a Case

Laptop protection counts among the most important aspects that you should consider when owning such an expensive device. You will protect as such not only your investment, but also the data that you have stored within your device if you consider carrying it within the walls of a case.

Various designs, materials and colors are there available on the market for your laptop case. Most of the times, upon purchasing you are presented with a bag specifically designed to hold and protect the laptop while carrying it around. But many laptop owners are not very satisfied with the bag which is either too bulky or too small for their needs.

Every laptop owner who plans to travel a lot and needs their laptop to accompany them will search for the best case to help them protect the device while keeping it in a safe place. So, take a look within the various types of cases, such as leather cases, aluminum laptop and plastic types. The leather cases are most of the times favored by women who own a laptop. But whichever type you want to opt for you should determine first the laptop size that is the most comfortable for the device.

It is very important to choose the right size as in this way your precious device will have a perfect fit while being safely protected against dampness, accidents and other mishaps. You will find the laptop cases coming in hard shell type of case and the basic neoprene- sleeved case. The latter one can be enough to cover the laptop in a safe manner if your intention is merely to offer your laptop a cover.

But if you plan to travel a lot and have your laptop with you, then maybe a better solution would be the hard-shell case or the one made of durable soft material presenting an extra pocket and handles. This case is mostly designed with soft pads on the inside to help your unit stay safe. This will protect your laptop from being damaged or affected by any damp climates.

Make It Look Great - Laptop Skin

When you purchase a laptop for your daily use, you would want for this device to be protected against anything that might damage not only its looks but also its functionality. After all, this is a unit that you plan to use it at least for three years given the money you have spent on it.

This is why you will need to consider the ways that will help you have your beloved acquisition stay safe and away from any mishap and damages. One way is presented by the possibility of purchasing a laptop case that will help you keep it safe wherever you go with the peace of mind that if it happens to drop it, your laptop will be properly protected.

The other way to have your laptop cover protected is to purchase a skin that not only preserves the original surface of the cover in a good way, but enables you to have this outer look personalized according to your own style. This skin is basically a plastic foil that is also elastic enabling you to have it perfectly wrapped around your device.

Before buying this skin, we would want to draw your attention to one aspect: this skin comes in a wide range of choices regarding the colors and printing. Basically there are two types: decorated and plain skins. The latter comes with more practicality in that it is more designed for protective measures. This is most of the times transparent and has the logo of the producer embossed in it to be seen when being applied on the laptop cover.

The decorated skin, well, this is another story: this comes in a sticker type with plenty designs and patterns to choose from. As mentioned above, you have the chance to personalize it in any way you find appropriate and representative for your style.

If you are at a loss not knowing which style can be the best for you, follow down below some of our suggestions:

* Go with the line of work you are into. For instance, if you run a business, you can easily have the skin customized with the company's logo. In this way, whenever and wherever you use your laptop, your company's logo will be visible. See this as an opportunity to promote the image of your business.

* Go with your hobbies. This can be the best suggestion for one who still has no clue on what the skin laptop should be customized.


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