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Make Money At Salvage Yards By Scrapping Appliances

Updated on October 22, 2013


Starting a scrap metal business is really easy and fun to do. Not to mention with the price of scrap metal as high as it is now, very lucrative. You can start a scrap metal business right now, you don't have to wait. If you have a few basic tools, like a hammer, wire cutters, a screwdriver, and a small socket set you are on your way to starting you very own business. It will benefit you to have a truck or trailer for this business. A car can work, but your profits will be smaller, plus it just makes it a pain in the butt to haul scrap in a car.

Start by looking for scrap metal items around your home. An old appliance, an old weight set, aluminum cans, copper wire, an old computer monitor, a tv, an old fence that is laying around will make you money in no time. Collect these items you no longer need anymore, put them in a pile, and then venture out into your neighborhood and see what you can find. Start by asking family and friends if they have such items they no longer want anymore. They probably do, and that means even more money for you. Ask neighbors, ask businesses, ask your employer. Most everyone has metal items they no longer want or need anymore.

You can also put an ad on Craigslist under the services section saying you will haul away unwanted metal items for free. You will be very please with the response. Simply arrange something with your client, go pick up the item, and see the dollar signs. You can also make a pass on trash day, look in dumpsters, look under bridges, by the river, by the railroad tracks,and car washes. These are all good places to look for scrap metal.

Now take it all home and prepare to tear everything down, and get the Copper, Aluminum, and Brass out of it. Take all the Copper wire out of the electronic items and appliances. There is plenty in there, be sure to get it all. Remove all the motors and put them in a pile as well. Any Aluminum parts should be removed and placed in a separate pile. Don't overlook brass in these items as well. Now take all your copper, Aluminum, and Brass put it in the cab of your truck and keep it separate from the scrap which will go in the back of your truck. Scrap draws a lower price than the other metals like copper, Aluminum, and Brass.

Now look on the internet or phone book and find you local scrap dealer. Make sure they are open, and make a quick drive out there. Let them weigh and sort everything. Next they will give you your ticket and your money. Make sure they weigh and pay everything accordingly. There should be a price list posted in the weighing area. It doesn't hurt to know the going price before heading over to the scrap yard, just to make sure your not getting taken for a ride. Believe me, there are crooks out there.

That's all there is to it, you will learn more tricks of the trade as you go. Good Luck !


Partial List Of Items That Can Be Scraped For Profit

1. Appliances

2. Tv's

3. Car Parts

4. Air Conditioners

5. Ceiling Fans

6. Batteries

7. Fencing and Pipe

8. Aluminum cans

9. Copper Wire

10. Brass Fittings

11. Computer Monitors

12. Heating Elements

14. Gutters

15. Bicycles

16. Electric Motors

17. Ceiling Fans/Box Fans

18. Lawn Mowers

19. Microwaves

20. Rebar

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    • profile image

      Caleb Hart 2 years ago

      I had no idea that you could scrap appliances. It's good to read that TV's can be scrapped for profit because I have a couple TV's in my attic. They're really old and just gathering dust. If I could sell them for money, that would be a win-win for me.

    • profile image

      Custom Recycling 4 years ago

      If you need additional images/videos for future scrap metal posts check out