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How To Stop Harassing Phone Calls

Updated on January 5, 2012

Harassing phone calls can come from all manner of organizations and individuals.  It can come from a debt collection agency or a telemarketing company.  It can be just kids making a prank call, or a former lover who just will not take no for an answer, or an obscene call, or those that call in the middle of the night and hang up when you answer.

The strategies outlined below are targeted at stopping harassing calls from people which you already know and have probably met face to face many times.  They can be a former or prospective lover who just refuses to go away when told that his interest is not reciprocated, or a friend who keeps calling to borrow money, or simply somebody who is lonely.  These strategies can be used to cut down, or completely stop, the calls that you take from the harassing caller.

Change Your Phone Number

In this day and age, the only contact information you have of another person may be their mobile phone number.  So, if you know that the only way for your caller to contact you is through your mobile number, an option you can consider is to change the number.  While this might seem rather extreme, and perhaps an admission of defeat, but if it eliminates the problem, why not?

A factor to consider is whether your caller knows your friends or whether you have friends in common.  No point changing your mobile number if he can just get your new number from your friends.  Or if there are other easy ways in which your new phone number can be obtained, like calling your office and asking for your number.

And when you change to a new number, you could consider retaining the old number.  Turn off the ringer and make sure the phone is always on.  This way, when your caller calls, he still gets through to a phone number.  He won't know that you now have a new number and will keep calling, and will not try to look for your new number.

Have 2 Telephone Numbers

If you meet a lot of people in your work, or maybe you are very active socially, you might want to consider maintaining 2 telephone numbers.  The first number would be for casual contacts and business acquaintances.  This is the number that you can easily change without too much inconvenience and disruption to your life.

And you can have a second phone number which you guard jealously.  This second mobile number is to be given only to trusted friends, and can also be for organizations, banks, insurance companies, and for other official purposes.

Try An Answering Machine Or Voice Mail System

A good idea would be to screen your calls using an answering machine or a voice mail system.  It will still be possible for your caller to get through by getting someone else to call you and directing you to a number that you are not familiar with.  But he can only do it so many times before you wise up to the new caller and number.

Caller ID

If your phone does not have caller ID, get it.  You will always want to know whether it is your harassing caller on the line, and have the option of whether or not to answer the call.  And if your phone allows you to select a personalized ring tone for each number, you can assign a silent ring tone to the callers number, and let the caller call to his heart's content.

Unlisted Number

This is a good option to consider.  If you make lots of phone calls, an listed number can preempt nuisance callers, although it doesn't help if the caller already has your number.


Remember to use your discretion.  Some of these techniques might be slightly overdone, and some might seem drastic for some situations.  And in some cases, simple communication can be key.  Rather than avoid the call, just answer the call and have an honest heart-to-heart talk with your caller.  It can work wonders sometimes.


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