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How To Switch Andriod To Windows Phone Pictures, Contacts, And Music

Updated on May 10, 2012

Switch From Android To A Windows Phone

Many people are making the switch from Android to Windows. I made the switch because I spend a lot of time away from home. Android phones are really hard to keep charged so after doing a little research on Windows phones I decided to make the switch based purely on battery usage. Many people have different reasons for switching from Android to Windows and most Android users comment on how "user friendly" Windows phones are. At first glance, you may panic when you realize that there's no direct way to send all of your information from a Android phone to a Windows phone. Most windows phones do not have a SD card for storage. The HTC Radar 4G that I purchased, comes with 8g of memory which is more then enough space for me so I was not bothered by this at all. The only problem is finding the easiest and fastest way to transfer your information from one phone to another. Here's what I did, to transfer my photos, files and contacts.

Android To Windows Phone - A Novice Review

Before I begin with the details, I want to assure you that I am no expert. This is the method that I used based off of my personal online research. I was unable to find an article that really help me with transferring pictures, contacts and files from my Android to Windows phone so I decided to write up this quick "how to" article just in case someone needed a few pointers. Now lets's get into the how I was able to quickly set up my Windows Phone ( that I absolutely love and will do a complete review on in the future).

Transfer Contacts Form Android To Windows Phone With Google

If you have a Android Smart Phone, then you already should know a little something about Google and how it works to store your contacts. If you have a sim card with your contacts already saved to it, then you can simply import/export your contacts through your settings menu. If you have a hard to doing that then follow the directions below.

Add your Google Contacts

1. Click on the tab with the icon with the image displayed as a phone.

2. On the bottom navigation bar click the icon with the image displayed as a phone book.

3. Tap the "..." in the lower right hand corner and add your google account.

Once you've added your Google account all of your contact should be displayed. It's just that easy. Now if you need help transferring your photos, music, and documents, read on.......

Windows Or Android? Which Is Better?

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Using Sky Drive To Transfer Music and Photos To WIndows Phone

I was able to transfer all of my photos, music files, and documents to my Windows phone easily with Skydrive. If you know anything about Dropbox then you should have no problem getting the hang of this. It's very similar and you will have all your information on your new phone in a jiffy. If you have loads of information to transfer it could take a bit longer but it's still really easy none the less.

Sign up for an account with Skydrive, add the app to your android phone, windows phone and pc. Once you have all three linked up, all of your pictures, music, and documents will be on all three devices. If you have additional information that you would like to add, it's just as simple as uploading it to the device that you want it on. It took around 30mins for over three hundred pictures and tons of music files to load onto my windows phone and honestly it went by fast because I did some chores while I waited for it to finish. If you have less content to add to your new Windows phone then your wait time will be less. After you have completed all of the steps above and are satisfied with your transfer, you can remove your information from your Android phone by returning it back to the factory settings in the menu screen. Keep your old android phone for Wi-fi android app fun or sell it on ebay to make some quick cash. Either way, once your get your Windows phone set up and ready for use, you may never pick up another android again. If you have additional information that could be useful to those switching from Android to Windows phones, please leave it in a comment below.


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