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How To Use A Laptop With A Cracked Screen And A Damaged Keyboard

Updated on September 16, 2016

What happens if your laptop has a cracked screen, or the keyboard malfunctions? A few years ago I restored my laptop to working order by adding an old monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Some people would just throw away a damaged laptop and buy a new one, but on a tight budget I had to figure out a way so I could still use my computer. I added a monitor I had sitting around in my apartment and bought a wireless keyboard/mouse set. This hub will give you a few ideas on how to revive a damaged laptop. I am not a computer expert, but some of these suggestions might help you restore your laptop. Also, some people like to add an extra monitor to their laptop or desktop computer, which allows them to have two screens up at the same time.

A picture of a the monitor, keyboard, and mouse that are hooked up to my laptop.
A picture of a the monitor, keyboard, and mouse that are hooked up to my laptop.

Connect A Desktop Monitor To A Laptop

One day in February I came home from work to a horrible surprise I discovered I my friend had accidentally dropped my laptop and damaged the screen. Since I am addicted to going online to check my email , work on blogs and Hubpages, I was devastated to see I would have to be looking at a cracked screen. After a few minutes, I was hit with an epiphany and ran into my bedroom to dig my old monitor out of the closet, which I had almost given away to a friend that eventually decided to buy a new computer. Luckily I had kept the monitor and now I just had to connect it to my laptop, so this is what I did. My operating system is XP Home Edition, so you may have to follow a different set of instructions to hook a desktop monitor up to your laptop:

1. Click on the start button at the bottom left-hand corner the computer screen.

2. Double click on control panel.

3. Double click on the display icon in the control panel.

4. A window will pop up called display properties, so you want to click on the settings tab.

5. Select either monitor one or two on the display properties window. My new default monitor is number one, but this will vary from computer to computer.

Now the monitor is connected to the laptop and home computer user can enjoy surfing the Internet. Personally, I prefer having a VGA monitor connected to my laptop because it is easier to see without the glare of an LCD screen. However, LCD screens are more detail rich and thus preferred by most customers. The upside to buying a VGA monitor is that these are usually more affordable than LCD screens.

Connect A Keyboard And/Or Mouse To Your Laptop

I decided to connect a wireless mouse and keyboard to my laptop, but a home computer user can also use a keyboard and mouse with a USB cord. My wireless keyboard and mouse are powered by a USB receiver that is inserted into the USB drive. The advantage to using a wireless mouse and keyboard means fewer cords to contend with. The downside to this is the necessity of purchasing extra batteries to keep the mouse and keyboard functioning. Hopefully, these tips and suggestions will give people with cracked laptop screens some ideas about how to revive a damaged laptop. However, keep in mind my motherboard is still working and only my screen and keyboard are damaged, so I only had to add these items to keep my laptop functional.


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