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How To Use Coupon and Online Deal Shopping Message Boards

Updated on October 21, 2008

I have been a frequent online deal shopper for over 8 years and I've always used online shopping message boards and forums to find the best savings. There are a few message boards and forums that stick out above the rest and need to be saved in your favorites list.

There are two ways to shop using online deal message boards.

  • Shop For The Item You Want
  • Shop The Deals

Shop For The Item Your Looking For

When you are shopping for the item you want. Do a search first for your products keywords. Sometimes you get lucky and someones found a deal for exactly what you are looking for and laid out the details. Check against your Price Grabber results to make sure this is the best price.

Your best bet using online deal message boards is to find the blanket deals for online stores that sell that item. Blanket deals are offers, coupons, or deals that are good at the entire store's website, or for an entire department. Such as 20% off any purchase or $10 off $50.

If you are able to find one blanket coupon, try and find another. There are enough occasions that stacking coupons is allowed to warrant the extra search to see.

Stacking coupons is when you use more then one. Perhaps in addition to 20% off you are able to also use a free shipping code, or get a freebie product with a purchase you were already making.

When A Deal Is Not A Deal

Sometimes hot deals are not all they are cracked up to be.

A $10 off $10 purchase coupon is not a scarce coupon and these come and go frequently. The point to remember is what about taxes and shipping. Using A $10 off $10 coupon is a great way to get small items for really cheap, but if tax and shipping makes the final price around $6 your really only saving 40%. That's not a hot deal. Pay attention to what the final price is in comparison to what you are buying.

Shop The Deals

The best way to make use of online deal shopping message boards is to not plan your purchases. Consider everything that you may find to be a possible gift to yourself or someone else. Birthdays and Holidays come every year, plan this year to be ahead of schedule.

Instead of searching the boards, browse them. Look at each offer and for anything that sticks out as a HOT DEAL. For Instance if Kate Spade Handbags are available at an amazine price, consider if it is something you could use or could be given as a gift.

Always always always act right away on hot deals that your interested in. These come and go so quickly. A hot deal can become a dead deal in 20 minutes or it could last longer. Always bet on it being gone before you check it again.

Read the first and last pages of the deals message board posting. Usually the best facts about the deal are listed in a wiki post on the first page, and by the last page, if there are any additional points to know right away, you'll find them here.

Using this method of shopping you could have all of your gifts for the year tucked away in a closet and ready for gift giving. Imagine the suprise on the gift recievers when you are giving them $50 gifts this year. They don't need to know you only paid $15 to $20 for them.


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    • Nyamache profile image

      Joshua Nyamache 7 years ago from Kenya

      Good post. Will first try to search for product keywords.