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How a Humanized AI Chabot Can Be a Great Lead Generation Tool

Updated on April 24, 2020
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I like to write about topics related to internet and other technologies.

If one of the objective's of your business is to generate more leads then this article explains how that can be achieved by implementing certain applications that have a basis of artificial intelligence.

So let us first understand what is Lead Generation?

Lead generation describes the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing sales pipeline.

It can be considered as a way that can attract and get people to give you their contact information to you. It is the implementation of methods which different businesses use to collect leads.

Lead generation focuses on generating curiosity among people so that they get interested in your company and make them want to request more information from you.

How a Humanized AI Chat-bot can prove to be a great tool for lead generation?

In today’s business scenario it is imperative for companies to acquire and maintain their customer base. Let’s all agree that generating leads and acquiring the right database of customers and user’s is of great importance for organizations to grow and stay ahead of their competitors. Although, it is indeed a tedious task for businesses to acquire the right client base but what we must understand is that AI-powered Chat bots are a great tool to acquire a good customer base for any business across all domains. It is very important for brands to stay connected with their audience at all given times to provide the best customer service experience. This also increases brand loyalty among customers and has a positive impact on the overall customer satisfaction ratio which is of great value for any business.

AI Chat-bots are smart and intelligent and with their active functionality bots can do wonders in not only lead generation but also in customer service and sales. So all in all bots are always beneficial for organizations in any field or sector. Now, let's take a simple example of insurance firms, they have multiple insurances varying from home insurance, car insurance, life insurance, health insurance so on and so forth, but how would they know which user is looking for what product? This is where AI-powered Chat-bots play a very vital role because as soon as a user lands on the insurance website or application, the bot instantly asks them what they are looking for and how the bot can help them in proceeding further. So what happens here is that the bot stores the input from the user and channelizes it giving the insurance firm accurate data about various insurance products and what users really want and expect from the brand. Here we can see that the bot very smartly extracts the relevant information from the user and passes it on to the company. This not only boosts the business but also helps enhance the overall user experience with the brand.

Many businesses use AI-powered Chat-bots to get users details like address, contact number email id etc. which is a very effective and interactive way of extracting maximum data from the user without them having to go through a boring lengthy form filling process. It is noticed that users prefer giving information to a Chat-bot instead of filling forms. This is mainly because bots have a persona, brands can build Chat-bots with a persona that would attract their target audience and also suit their business needs. Bots can be made as human-like as possible and with an effective content strategy, these bots have the ability to have personalized conversations and keep the audience engaged at all times, thus making the users comfortable and keeping the conversation free-flowing. People like having conversations, and with these bots, the conversation is very realistic which further helps build the trust factor in users.

AI-powered Chat-bots have the potential and have proven to be better than the traditional methods used to generate leads and interact with customers leaving behind a positive outlook and perception about the brand.

These Chat-bots can be trained exceptionally well as per the business requirement and user expectation, making it a very effective platform for customers to interact with the brand and build a rapport with the brand without the business having to invest any extra time or resources. These bots can be trained to funnel down potential leads and customers and differentiate between different user pattern and behavior giving the company very detailed information about their audience and their expectations from the brand. Another plus point about bots is that there is a minimal scope of error while they capture data from the users, since these bots are very intelligent they capture accurate data from the user's input and convert them into leads which are of great value. The scope of error with AI-powered Chat-bots is very less as compared to other traditional medium making them trustworthy and dependable.

Chat-bots are available at all times and are very friendly, they can be seen as the first point of contact when users visit a website or an application, this increases the overall customer engagement of the brand too. Having a human-like bot with a well-defined persona saying even a simple “Hello” to users when they land on the website or application can be very delightful for the users. Greetings are always welcomed by users and many customers who already know what they want to end up typing their requirement instantly. For those who don’t know what they are looking for and find the need to explore a little can also ask the bot accordingly when greeted. This then starts the flow of conversation and rapport building. In fact, bots can offer lead magnets like free e-books or an invite to webinars to attract users. AI-powered Chat-bots can be trained to never push or force the customer, instead, understand and offer guidance which is also a great way of building trust and increasing the brand loyalty. This is how bots can be trained to create a rapport with the users and then eventually extract as much as relevant information from them and generate leads. Users are often comfortable with giving out their personal details to bots if they manage to strike the right chord.

To consider a lead as qualified there is a certain set of information required, without which the lead is not considered to have any potential and is considered incomplete. Very often there are instances wherein customers provide partial information or information that is insufficient, in these situations AI-powered Chat-bots also act as simulators and make way for conversations to initiate so that they can extract the remaining information from the users to complete an otherwise incomplete lead which was of no much value to the business. If trained well, a bot can also smartly ask a user for referrals likes friends, family etc. who would be interested in similar products or services which again is very beneficial for any business. So these bots not only help in getting leads from users who visit the website or application but can also be taught how to extract more leads from those users. This is where the growth multiplication for any organization begins as lead generation has been found to be one of the main sources of boosting the revenue for brands.


It is amazing to see how useful AI-powered Chat-bots can be in keeping users engaged while also converting them into potential leads very smartly without the user even knowing directly. In this era where being user centered is the mantra for brands and organizations, Chat-bots keep the user in complete focus and also give them a sense of importance and control which helps in generating leads, acquiring customers, boosting sales, increasing the conversion rate so on and so forth. Chat-bots are not only great in generating leads and qualifying leads but also keep the users engaged and guide them towards the conversion funnel very smoothly which is great for any business in any field and domain.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Rakesh Vashi


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