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How the airlines maintained their aircraft ? Interesting topic for aviation lover.

Updated on January 20, 2014

What is aircraft maintenance ?

Aircraft maintenance is overhaul, repair , servicing, testing or modification of aircraft, systems and its components.

In short way, you can say any task performed on aircraft to maintain their serviceability is called maintenance. There are three basic types of maintenance policies.

(A) Hard time maintenance policy: Hard time maintenance policy is based on " Prevention is better than cure". In this policy maintenance are performed at a specific and predetermined time and hours of operation of aircraft. .

(B) Condition monitoring policy: Condition monitoring maintenance are performed to check operational conditions of aircraft , its components and systems at specified times.It is preventive maintenance method.

(C) On condition policy: On condition maintenance policy is based on "Fit to Forget" policy. Replace the components or machines when they fails.

Maintenance standards for civil aviation aircraft

In all countries the aviation regulatory authority set the particular standards for aircraft maintenance through rules and regulations.

In India, Civil Aviation Department is the responsible authority for making, amending and implementing such rules and regulations for civil aviation aircraft.

In India, Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has issued various rules and regulation. For aircraft maintenance, DGCA has issued CAR-145 (CAR stands for civil aviation requirements) and CAR-M rules.

All airlines and aircraft maintenance organisation in India, requires DGCA approvals to carry out and certify maintenance.

Aircraft Maintenance Programs

Aircraft maintenance programs (AMP) are prepared by all aircraft operators, which describe the aircraft maintenance policies for particular type of aircraft and components. AMP prepared on basis of following technical manuals, which are issued by manufacturer of aircraft or OEM of components.

  1. Maintenance Planning Department (MPD)
  2. Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM)
  3. Engine Maintenance Manual (EMM)
  4. Structural Inspection and Repair Manual (SIRM)
  5. Aircraft Flexible Maintenance Schedule (AFMS)
  6. Corrosion Control Manual (CRM)
  7. Airworthiness Limitation Manual (ALM)
  8. Wiring Diagram Manual (WDM)
  9. Component Maintenance Manual (CMM)
  10. Airplane Flight Manual (AFM)
  11. Pilot's Operating Manual (POM)

There are many more technical publication released by manufacturer to cover specific maintenance procedure.

Aircraft Maintenance Planning !!!

Aircraft maintenance planning is very important and vital part of maintenance policies of an organisation. Every organisation has planning department under engineering section. Planning department has defined set of goal to allocate the maintenance work within time.

Planners are generally aviation engineers and managers who understand the necessity of servicing of aircraft, to keep them flying by reducing the time of grounding by performing all scheduled and predict maintenance activities in time.


Technical personals for aircraft maintenance

Aircraft maintenance are performed and certified by Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME). AMEs are license holder and such license are issued by regulatory authority of country. In India DGCA office is responsible for issue of AME License..

Recently DGCA has released CAR-66 regulations for licensing of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

All rules and regulations are available at DGCA website i.e

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