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How do I add an audio file to my website?

Updated on August 25, 2014

Audio is a great way to spice up a website and give it flavor based on the content or the context. There are several ways to create audio and thus several ways to add it.

For one, if you're familiar with HTML, you can embed it into your page's HTML code. There are different codes for that depending on what kind of file it is, whether it's a WAV, MP3, or other format. For instance, you can add something like <EMBED src="file.mp3" autostart=true hidden=true > to your code, while changing the file name and other qualities, of course. Using HTML, you can adjust different qualities like autostart (will it start when a visitor views the page automatically or with the click of a button?) or loop (will it play once or over and over again?). Check out this site to see the codes to use to embed a sound file into your site.

There are various software tools to put streaming audio on your site, such as Easy Audio Tools or Hoo Technologies, which may give you a chance to choose from files they already have.

If you have a program like Dreamweaver, you may be able to add audio with it. All you have to do is select Insert > Media > Plugin from the navigation bar at the top, then in the Property inspector, find the audio file to insert. To customize the size at which the audio controls are displayed in the browser, you can choose the width and height.

Audio files include podcasts, too, so record your podcast with whatever audio recording software you choose, save it as an MP3 file, upload it to your server, and simply link to it! You can embed it in any of the ways already listed like a music file.

Also, if you're lucky, you might have a host with audio capabilities already, so all you have to do is indicate which audio file you might want to add and upload it.

Dreamweaver Tutorial - How to add audio to your website

Demo: How to add audio to your site


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      rahul 2 years ago

      I wonder from where you get such brilliant topics.! LOL!! ;)


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      Insert media into wordpress site or post 4 years ago

      Insert media into wordpress site or post

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