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How do you Publish your Web Page Online?

Updated on March 29, 2011
Sample web page:
Sample web page:

Find a web hosting provider to hold your web pages. It might be a company web server or space that you pay an ISP (internet service provider) for. You can try Homestead, GoDaddy, or Yahoo Smallbusiness. Use an FTP client or a web browser to connect to your web server as specified by your hosting provider. You will need to enter your usercode and password.

Copy the HTML file and and all related files (ex. Images such as jpg/jpeg/gif, cascading style sheets or css, javascript) from your hard drive to the web server. It’s that easy. You may just drag and drop the files from your local system to a web server to make them available on the internet.

After transferring your files to a web server, your web page is available via a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) to anyone with a web browser (example: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, etc.) and live internet connection.


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    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 6 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Thanks for publishing this hub. Very well-written.

      In fact, I have more to say to you, dyeselbel10,

      Angel: Im a man who struggles with his weight for most of his life. Thanks for publishing this hub.

      Hello, dyeselbel10,

      In all honesty, this was a GREAT read! Amazing presentation. Marvelous lay-out. Informative and very helpful. I was glad to Vote Up and away. I love your writing style and I am now honored to FOLLOW you. I appreciate your work so much.

      Please keep these great hubs coming, and I Invite YOU to check out my hubs, that is if you need a good laugh.

      And I would love for you to be My follower. That would make my day. With My Highest Regards,

      Kenneth Avery,

      from Hamilton, a small (but proud) town in northwest Alabama that Norman Rockwell would have been happy to put on a magazine cover. Much Peace and Success to you!

    • BethanRose profile image

      BethanRose 6 years ago from South Wales

      Short but sweet with all of the relevant information needed to publish your own web page. Site Build It is also a good option which provides hosting and everything needed to get your page up and running. Voted up and useful!