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How future will look like?

Updated on June 15, 2012

You might have thought about how future will be looking like. See a video showing a prediction about future technologies that is going to come in some near future. The technologies shown in this video is mainly about glass related technologies. If such a simple technology can make this much changes, what will be the final product of all technologies. The first step needed in achieving these technologies is to make possible the construction of an optically transparent battery. This is already achieved nearly one month before by some researchers. So all those things shown in this video can be made possible within near future itself

Photo voltaic glass

The first thing demonstrated in this video is photo voltaic cell. They are of high efficiency, durability and optically versatile. If you use such strong glasses as your walls you can save energy and also it will make the window automatically transparent at any desired time

LCD touch television glasses

Here large LCD screens are shown. These are available today also. But the difference is that these are multi touch enabled and can be used as frame less also

Architectural display glasses

Such glasses will be amazing in coming future. These are able to include electronic circuitry inside it. This will make impossible thing possible. They also will support touch giving superior user experience

Architectural surface glasses

These glasses will occupy our kitchens and tables. These are highly resistant to temperature. These also allow electronic circuitry inside making unexpected things possible. As you can see from the video, you can put the heating devices under the glass with only the controls over the touch enabled glass screen

Handheld display glass

Such glasses will be used in phones of tomorrow. Anyway it is sure by this time that mobiles of future will be transparent glass shaped. There are some such prototypes available in market even now. The invention of transparent batter accelerated their development. Whole technology of our smart phones will be incorporated inside a single transparent light weight piece of glass. These will also be damage resistant

Automotive display glass

Future cars will be automated anyway. But there is always a human mind inside every person who wants to control their vehicle. For making their driving experience superior there will be high quality touch screens in cars also. Along with the integrated circuitry it can make wonders. Today itself interior of high end cars are just amazing. Just imagine more technology coming into the four wheels. That will be just stunning.

Actually this is a promotion video from some corning company. If there is so much technology to come in glass field only, what will be those that is going to come in other fields. All will be just amazing. The only thing we can do is only wait and see


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