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How Smartphones are revolutionizing the property business

Updated on February 10, 2011

We run a smartphone applications company, and I can tell you that the mobile revolution is here to stay. Over the coming years, your smartphone is more likely to become more useful than your computer, which is why smartphones are selling more than PCs today.

We recently worked on a mobile app for a land development company, and here's what we enabled their customers to do.

1. We enabled them to search for land and apartments close to their current location

2. We enabled them to set their dream deal criteria on the phone, and let them chill in Hawaii or wherever, while the application worked for them, and notified them of deals which they may be interested in.

3. We enabled them to select their favourite apartments, not only with just criteria like the number of rooms or the area of the apartment, but by showing them a map with locations of nearby amenities like schools, colleges and shopping malls.

4. We enabled them to select an apartment as their favourite and notified them whenever deal criteria like price or finance offers changed.

5. We enabled them to view graphically, various finance options in order to help them calculate their monthly investments based on the terms and interests they were willing to pay.

6. We had photo galleries of the plots and the apartments so the customers could get a feel for what they looked like.

7. At the tap of a button, a customer interested in a particular land/apartment could dial the company and have a sales representative give them all the information they needed about the offer.

And, to add some social spice, the customers could share interesting land deals via e-mail with their friends.

Of course, all this is possible on a PC but having this functionality on your phone is unbeatable because a customer is more likely to be carrying a smartphone in his pocket, than, lugging around a laptop, and because everything works in an instant.

Over the next few years, you're going to see more apps like this on your phone. And they are very likely to make your life more conveinent and effective.

The smartphone world is moving fast, and I strongly suggest, that if you don't have one, get soon as you can!



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