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How much information, we can usefully utilize from the net?

Updated on September 15, 2014

The "Net Effect"

Only a small quantity is enough for ordinary persons!

Because of the internet, we come to know, the enormous amount of information on each subject, conceivable in the world. There is absolutely no topic which does not have a browsing site. You name anything, and you can get all the data and information in a split second. As the universe is expanding, the information vista is also expanding. In addition to the information contained in various servers around the globe, every day millions of pages are added by way of blogs under various captions. Hence we cannot even compare the information to the ocean and we can say that the information contained in the net is like the sky!

Now the pertinent question is ‘how much data or information is really needed for any who browse the sites? For knowing certain salient features of some subject or topic, you are offered limitless search results within a fraction of second. Now the real problem is to sieve through the amount of information to arrive at the exact web site wherein you can get what you want. For this, fine searching tools are available but the ordinary user of a computer may not know the steps to fine search. Even those who are computer savvy, become confused at times to move forward since there are limitless options and opportunities in each web site and one has to dive in to gather his pearls!

Sometimes, we feel that tons of information on the net is redundant and not required for ordinary normal people. Only those who do research need to know all that is written on a particular topic. The only satisfaction is that ‘everything is available with a click of the mouse without moving away from your laptop or PC. Out of the billions of population in the world, some percentage of people has access to the net for their day to day needs. Others use their mobile just for communication and messaging. Serious use of the net is only by researchers, big business establishments, those in teaching profession and students. Also Doctors, Engineers and other professionals use the net usefully to enhance their knowledge in their fields.

But, it is a fact that more than 80% of the users are using the net for entertainment and time passing. Thus the social platforms thrive due to this time pass people and the advertisement business really gains because of the net. It is no secret that Google uses the advertisement space very intelligently like the AdWords and other means. There is no public site without the advertisements appearing in the borders, top and bottom. E commerce sites use many sites to advertise their products colorfully. No doubt, the gainers are this E Commerce sites. Now, throughout the globe there are several online E commerce sites which do considerable business and they were able to sell their products online. Amazon, Snap deal, Flip kart, EBay and other prominent platforms mint money each second. People are wary of visiting shopping malls to select their products. Everything is done online and you can book your order at the comfort of the home and the products are delivered at your doorstep neatly. There are many attractions in the online portals. You can return the product, if you are not happy with the same within a prescribed time frame. You can book your order and cancel it before delivery and get your refund back! These are all attractive business practices, and these online portals offer attractive discounts to various gadgets, books, kitchenware, electronic goods and other miscellaneous items.

Now the pertinent question is ‘how many people use these online portals’? If you compare it with the total number of net users, it will be a miniature percentage who shops online. Still these portals earn quite a lot doing brisk business. Many elders browse the net for news since they have plenty of times hanging around them. They check the news several times from the net. They use the mail and use the net for shopping healthcare items etc. No doubt, the internet is a great boon in this technological age since it reduces much of the tension of elders. Prior to that they have to move here and there for shopping, paying their bills, searching for things and services. The net offer them all such facilities and the computer has become a handy tool to them.

But, the main disagreeable part is this. Lot of time is wasted by the youngsters sitting in front of their PCs, playing games, chitchatting and other harmful pastimes. The net contain negative information that is being sought by perverted youngsters. Social platforms too contain much harmful content. We have seen that the lives of many youngsters have spoiled due to continuous logging into the social platforms. Sometimes they become so depressed due their involvement in those sites. Here also, very few users derive and get some productive and useful information which they seek. This entire technological breakthrough is like the double edged sharp knife and should be handled and used with utmost precaution. We can compare this to ‘atomic energy’ which can be harnessed and put into best use like power generation etc. Otherwise, if it is used for manufacturing bombs and weapons, it will cause untold misery to the entire humanity. Already there are several taskforces on cyber security. So much of information in public domain is very harmful. Rather than useful effects, there is every possibility that the information will be stolen and used by crooks for siphoning money from individuals and banks. Hence everyone should use the net very cautiously to prevent losses which cannot be redeemed later.


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