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How people communicate

Updated on October 11, 2013

Why do people communicate?

I am going to start this Hub off by asking a question. Why do people communicate? There are many different responses to this. The main reason is because it is the most efficient way to impart information from one person to another.

People also communicate because they need to express their feelings about a particular subject to the people close to them, as well as imparting their knowledge to someone else about a specific subject, whether that be in school, someone helping their friend with some maths work, or in the workplace and two colleagues are sharing information which will help them with their job.

Why communication is important

There are many different reasons why people need to communicate. For example, in a household environment, people who live in the same household will need to communicate if some food has ran out and it needs replacing, then one person will need to tell the other that, for example, someone will need to purchase a carton of milk, or some more bread.

In a workplace environment, the manager of a store may need to communicate with employees about work performance and how they feel the job is going etc., especially if the employee has just recently started the position. Also, two people who work in the same office may need to communicate to impart information with each other if they are participating in a group project.

The different ways people communicate

Besides verbal communication, people use many different ways to communicate.

For example, people may use emails to communicate if the two people work for the same company and they are sharing information on a project they're both working on. They can also text each other if they are looking to meet up out of work and be able socialise with their friends.

Another example would be family members calling each other on the phone to communicate with each other and to inform the other party on how their day has gone if they have any important news for the other party.

Also, the different ways can be a generational thing. For example, teenagers are more likely to text each other or communicate each other via social networking sites, and adults are more likely to call each other on the phone.

How technology has changed the way people communicate

In the past 20 or so years, with the invention of computers, the internet and mobile phones, communication has changed in a variety of different ways. With most of the population owning wither a computer or a smart phone, as well as being connected to the internet, people are using a wider variety of communicative techniques than the did before.

For example, if someone wanted to talk to someone in the 70s or 80s but they lived quite far apart, they would either call them on the telephone or send them a letter. Nowadays, people can communicate via emails, text message, or via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The use of technology in communication has helped speed up the way people can communicate and share information to one another. The invention of media sites like Facebook and Twitter has helped people share information with family and friends easier than ever before. This has some advantages as well as some disadvantages.

For example, people who are more willing to share all their details online are more willing to have their social media accounts hacked than people who just use it to chat to their friends online.

Is technology affecting the way we communicate?

I think that in some ways, technology has affected the way we communicate, in both a positive and a negative way. For example, the invention of the internet has helped people who live hundreds of miles apart communicate through emails and through Facebook and Twitter.

On the negative side, people aren't communicating face-to-face as much because of the internet. It also means that people are slowly losing the social skills they learnt. Also, using the internet has meant that people's memories are more short-term and if they are unable to remember something, they can just look it up on the internet and don't really need to use their brain as much as they used to.

Is Communication Important?

Is communication important?

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Why different people communicate in different ways.

Different people find different ways of communicating easier to use than others, for example some people are comfortable talking to people face-to-face and other people are better at writing things down and communicating that way because they may be shy or find talking embarrassing.

How mass media imparts information to us

As well as people communicating with each other, mass media imparts information onto us all the time, either through the news or the internet, radio or the newspaper. This is the most efficient way for a lot of people to learn about information at the same time.

The use of social media is becoming a good way for people to communicate. Celebrities are able to communicate with their fans over Twitter and Facebook. It is also a good way for businesses to do research with both their current customer base and any potential new customers that they may not have been able to get otherwise.

Businesses using social media can be beneficial for both the customers and the businesses. Businesses are able to tell customers about new product lines they're releasing, and customers will be able to tell the businesses about possible changes to the products.

How Businesses Use Communication

Businesses use the same communication methods as the rest of society, like emails, and phone calls to communicate with both other parts of the business and customers, and they will also use those methods with customers. To communicate with customers, businesses will also use the media to help tell customers about new product ranges and new offers they may have.

Over the phone or face-to-face

Do you prefer face-to-face communication or do you think a phone call would suffice?

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    • Alex Brockie profile image

      Alex Brockie 4 years ago from England

      Thank you for your comment and I agree with the bad spelling

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 4 years ago from Auburn, WA

      As one who helps train people to communicate, I really appreciated this article, particularly from someone in their 20s. Although I love the new technology, I still like the face to face meeting. I can't tell you how many times my emails, which are carefully written, have been misinterpreted by the receiver (who probably is over sensitive about everything to begin with). You're right on with the growing number of people who lack social skills (and it's not just the young). One other negative about communicating via text/email,etc: bad spelling in other walks of life, such as writing reports. In fact, I think I misspelled interpret. I'll check on that. Good job. Keep up the good work. Voted up.