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Function of OSI Session Layer

Updated on April 3, 2011

Session layer

The session layer deals with dialogue at the sysnchronization control or network management level.The session layer handle password recognition or verification of log in and off procedures. Network monitoring reporting system usage and billing users for their time.

The session layer is the lowest of the layers that are associated with application program, it is responsible for organizing the dialogue between two application program and for managing data exchange between them.

The session layers imposes a structre on the interaction between two communicating programs.

The session layer defines 3 types of dialogue

a) The two-way simultaneous interaction where both programs can send and receive connectivity

b) The two-alternate interaction where the programs takes turns sending and receiving communications

c) The third interaction is one way interaction where one program sends and the other only recieves communications

In addition to organizing the dialogue session layer services include

  • Establishing sysnchronization points within the dialogue allowing a dialogue to be interupted and resuming a dialogue from asysnchronization point.

As you or may not know there ar seven layers in the OSI model that is coming soon on my publication so stay tuned.


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