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How to Access Samsung Galaxy S Files From a Mac

Updated on December 1, 2011

I have been using my Samsung Galaxy S I-9000 phone for more than a year now. Most of the time I transferred files to my Mac via Bluetooth, but recently I had to transfer a really huge file so I had to do it via the USB cable.

I tried plugging it in but my Mac could not find my phone.

I didn't want to go through the trouble installing Kies or finding drivers for the Samsung Galaxy S (SGS) on Mac, so I found a way to mount the Samsung Galaxy S as a USB Storage device.

Basically what you are doing is to access the phone storage like a USB drive.

Here are the steps to access the contents of your Samsung Galaxy S phone from your Mac:

1. Make sure your Samsung Galaxy S is not connected to your Mac

2. Go to your phone settings and choose "Applications".

3. Choose "Development"

4. Make sure USB debugging is checked.

6. You will see an USB icon on your notification bar. Pull down your notification bar and you will see the "USB connected" message.

7. Tap on the "USB connected message" notification.

8. A green Android holding a USB will appear.

9. Tap on the "Connect storage to PC" button. The green Android will turn yellow.

10. Open Finder on your Mac. After a while your Samsung Galaxy S will appear as a new device.

11. Copy files as you would do on any USB storage device.

12. When you are finished, click on the Eject icon on the Finder on your Mac.

13. Finally click on the "Disconnect storage from PC" button on your phone and unplug the phone from your Mac.

You can use the same steps to access your Samsung Galaxy S on a PC if you didn't install Kies or a driver.


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    • profile image

      S5 user 3 years ago

      This doesn't work with S5 models in 2014. Or at least not in my case.