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How to Activate Tata Docomo Internet GPRS Pack?

Updated on October 3, 2011

Tata Docomo is one of the leading mobile network service providers in India. When it comes to Internet on mobile phone or connecting to Internet via mobile phone, Tata Docomo is indeed the best choice. It is leading mobile Internet service provider in India with very low Internet data charges and high speed. Many of my friends are using Tata Docomo SIM card for their mobile phone, they even want to activate Internet, but they don't know how to activate Tata Docomo Internet pack? This is very simple to do. There are two ways to do it.

  1. Activate Tata Docomo Internet Pack from Their Website by Doing a Special Recharge on Your Mobile Phone by Netbaking, Debit or Credit Card.
  2. Activate Tata Docomo Internet Pack from Your Mobile Phone. The Amount of this Special Recharge will Deduct from Your Mobile Phone Balance.

Let's see these two ways one by one in detail. Then, you will be able to activate Tata Docomo net pack on your mobile phone.

Activating Tata Docomo Net Pack from Their Official Website

  1. Open Official Website of Tata Docomo -
  2. Scroll down "Account Services" menu from top right corner.
  3. Enter your 10 digit mobile number in a given space.
  4. Select Special Recharge, Click "More".
  5. There is a list of Special Packs. Select GPRS Pack of your choice. (I prefer 65Rs. GPRS Pack with 2.5GB Internet free usage and validity of 30 days.) 65Rs. is the basic plan, if you are doing the online recharge. 48Rs. Pack of 1GB is also available, if you are paying via mobile phone balance. That we will see later.
  6. After selecting the pack, click "Submit" button.
  7. There are two options to pay money. Pay by your current mobile balance and Pay by credit card. The first option is not working! As they send verification code, but you may not be able to implement it on their website. This is the one error on their website. Second option is to Pay by Credit Card. Don't get confused, if you don't have a credit card. When you click Pay by Credit Card, there are other payment options too, like netbanking and debit card.
  8. Pay the money and your Tata Docomo internet plan will be active instantly.

Tata Docomo GPRS Pack
Tata Docomo GPRS Pack

Activating Tata Docomo Net Plan form Mobile Phone

  1. You can activate Tata Docomo Internet Pack from your mobile phone. This is very simple to do. Dial *191#.
  2. Replay with option number 6, Sart/Stop.
  3. Replay with option number 1, Start a Service.
  4. Replay with option number 3, GPRS Packs.
  5. There are four packs at the moment Rs.5, Rs.15, Rs.48, Rs.95. Pack of Rs.48 is the best for you. You get 1GB free usage with 1 month of validity. 1GB is sufficient, and if you mostly use Internet on your mobile phone, it is more than sufficient. Replay with the Pack number of your choice. Rs.48 pack is at number 3.
  6. Replay to confirm your request of net pack activation. Then, your net pack will immediately get active.

These are the two simple ways to activate Tata Docomo Internet Packs on your mobile phone. I hope you found this information helpful. Share this information with your friends by using sharing options at the end of this hub.


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    • profile image

      mobileplans 4 years ago

      TATA DOCOMO rocks with internet speed.

    • profile image\megharex 5 years ago

      first type : *111*4*2#

      then chose the pack you want

      for 5rs 1 day pack just type *111*4*2*1*1# and pack will be activated

      check your balance 2-3 times to make it quick

    • profile image

      AKD 5 years ago


    • profile image

      irshad 5 years ago

      i am very grateful for ur helpful information

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      SUDHIR 5 years ago



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      aqib 6 years ago

      message is not going

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      nirosha 6 years ago

      good but there is some critical situation in this also...