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How to Block Numbers On A Motorola Cliq

Updated on June 17, 2011

Bursting the Bubble...

Sadly, for a phone that has been called a "smart phone", they aren't very smart when it comes to blocking phone numbers. Which is why I am sad to report that there is no possible way to actually block a phone number from calling your motorola cliq. You can whine at your phone company, call motorola and even sift through every setting on your phone. Though it will result in nothing but bursting your bubble to find that there is literally no way to block a number from calling your cell phone.

That was the bad news, and now that we've gotten through it, the good news is that there is a semi-fix for the problem. Though you can't block a number from calling your motorola cliq, you can use a setting to send unwanted numbers straight to your voice mail. Though this isn't a permanent fix, most of the numbers a person might choose to block, are telemarketers or scammers. So if these callers decide to leave a voice mail, at least you'll know who they are. Though in most cases, they just hang up when sent to voicemail. So by choosing to send those numbers straight to voice mail, you are pretty much blocking them.

How to send numbers to Voice Mail

Step 1. Once you have decided you want to block a number from your phone, the first thing you'll need to do is add that number to your contacts list. You can label it anything, I usually choose "scammer" or "telemarketer", to make it easy.

Step 2. While still in the save contact menu, you'll want to scroll to the bottom of the screen where you'll see a setting that says "send straight to voice mail". Tap the check box to use this setting, then hit save.

That's all it takes!

As I said, this isn't a permanent fix for all unwanted callers. Though if you're getting lots of calls from 800 numbers that never leave a message, you are pretty much assured not to be bothered by these numbers any more. For the companies that still leave unwanted messages, at least you avoid wasting minutes talking to them and can just delete the messages.

The only other thing you can do from here, is to call your phone company and motorola and request that they make a phone that is capable of actually blocking numbers.


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