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How to Change Desktop Background Picture or Image?

Updated on July 13, 2011

Nice picture or image is used as desktop background of your computer or notebook. You may choose your favorite picture from Internet or you may wish your own image or the supplied pictures of your operating system. Moreover, you may opt to use no picture or wallpaper at all. This page will provide you the ways to change your desktop background picture or image.

Steps for changing desktop background picture:

  1. First, click on the Start menu and then Control Panel.
  2. Find Display and double-click on the Display icon or text. You will see a window will be opened which title will be marked with "Display Properties".
  3. Form "Display Properties" window, select Desktop tab. Here you will see "Background", "Browse", "Position" options. Background will provide a list of images. Generally, the operating system provided pictures. Browse option is used to locate your desired image location. Position option is used to view your desired image or picture as "Center", "Tile" or "Stretch".
  4. Select Browse option to use your desired image stored on you hard drive. Just locate the picture location and click Open.
  5. Al last, click on OK to change background or desktop wallpaper.

Tips and warnings

  • The files which has the extension with .bmp, .gif, .jpg .jpeg or .tif are suited for your desktop background.
  • For background pictures, you can search internet and download the pictures. Many beautiful pictures are available in the internet and alls are free and you don't have to spend any money for them. Moreover, you may use your own digital photographs to use desktop background.
    Most recent desktop pictuers have higher resolution and it consumes much memory of your computer. So, if your computer or laptop hasn't enough resource, it's a good decision not to use so much high resolution images. Rather use small picture.
  • Animated wallapers are a great attraction of this generation people. All types of animated wallpaper consumes much resource of your PC or notebook. So, before useing it, be careful whether your computer cope the available resource. If you have a limited no of resources, don't use this type of animated wallapers.

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