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How to Chat Live with Anyone Without Any Installation on Either Side?

Updated on December 17, 2009

This is Visible to my Client or Friend

This is my interface to chat
This is my interface to chat

How often Had you Thought of having a software which lets you chat to anyone in the world without they having to install any thing? We have always faced this issue, If you have Yahoo messenger your friend or client should have Yahoo messenger. Same with Skype, Gmail or any other messenger. So what do you do when you want anybody in the world, using any operating system to chat with you directly.

You just give them a Link, they click on it and chatting session is on, you can chat with any number of people and at anytime. This is what this software gives you, I am basically an E-Bay seller, I generally put my unique link on my Item description with the text- "Click here to Chat with me and Clear your Doubts Now".

When my Potential customer clicks on the link, the software alerts. I then start th session. With this my sales like jumped up by over 50%. As people immediately had their doubts cleared and they felt more safe.

You too can use it for your WebSite Hubs or any other place where you can simply put the link.. The application of the product is limited only to your creativity.

The software is called ZAZA Alerter. The Pro Version is free to use for 30 days. After that if you can either stay on the Lite version (enough for me and similar users) for free or else can purchase Pro Version. I have here described in very non technical language. The product offers a lot more technical features which you can explore below. Get connected now.

Click Here to Get Your Free Copy of ZAZA Alerter & Chat Anywhere with Anyone Now.

Also just to see how it works chat with me now, Just check , click here

But I may not always be on my desk  :-;


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    • profile image

      gmacman1 8 years ago

      That sounds like a handy tool.

      Just downloaded it will be giving it a try.

      Thanks for the insight.

    • kcnck profile image

      kcnck 8 years ago

      Thank you for the information.I'm from bangalore too.