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How to Choose Skins for Amazon Kindle eBook Reader

Updated on May 13, 2014

So you just bought an Amazon Kindle ebook reader? That is so cool! After downloading all your favorite ebooks, you might want to consider getting skin for your Amazon Kindle to keep it shiny and new. Smudge and scratch here and there is acceptable for paperback books but not for your new Kindle device. Kindle skin is the best way to protect it from scratches and keep it looking elegant. There are a lot of Kindle skins to choose from that suits your unique personality.

Amazon Kindle Skin
Amazon Kindle Skin | Source

Kindle skins come in different materials, styles, and designs. It is very important to choose the right one that represents you and will match your unique personality. Some skins are made from silicone but the most common are constructed from vinyl material that is scratch resistant. If you can get the feel of which material is more comfortable for you then do so before buying your Kindle skin. Some custom designs offer anti-UV coating or fingerprint-proof matte coating that minimizes glare and shine on the device which is a bonus feature for people who are always reading outdoor.

The good thing about Kindle skins is that you can easily remove them when you change your mood or if you want to replace the designs. A good skin can be removed without worrying about adhesive residues being left behind on your Kindle device. If you prefer a silicone skin then adhesive residue should not be an issue since silicone skins are close fittings wrapped around the Kindle device.

The cost of a good vinyl Kindle skin can range from $15 up to $25. Silicone skins are cheaper and can be purchased at $10.

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