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How to Choose a Home Weather Station

Updated on September 24, 2013

Weather Station

The Best Weather Station

Whether you are a serious student of meteorology or you just need to know the weather so that you can plan your day a home weather station can be a great help. There are all kinds of them on the market with a huge variety of prices. This can make choosing one a challenge. However if you know what your needs are and what to look for in a station it really shouldn't be a problem.

Things to Consider in Home Weather Station

The first thing that you are going to have to think about when you are choosing a home weather station is how much are you looking to spend. Depending on what you are looking for they can range in price from under fifty dollars to more than a thousand dollars. Obviously there is going to be a very large difference in the capability of the station depending on what you spend on it.

In large part the cost of the weather station is going to be based on what you want it to do. If you are just looking for a basic one that provides nothing more than temperature and humidity then you can choose one of the dozens of these that are available for less than fifty dollars. These are not really home weather stations however, they are more for making sure that you get the kids dressed properly for school.

Important Details to Consider with a Home Weather Station

Another factor that you are going to want to consider is how you get the data from your home weather station. Most of the professional and high precision machines will offer you the ability to connect to your PC which can be a great help for a lot of people. However most of them will also come with their own display which most people find to be more practical anyway.

One other consideration is whether you want a home weather station that is wired or wireless. This used to be a bigger issue than it is today but these days most of the top of the line machines have reached the point where interference of the wireless signal is not an issue. It can however still be a problem for some of the cheaper machines.

Accuracy is Everything in a Weather Station

If you are looking for a serious home weather station you are going to want one that will provide you information on, temperature, pressure, humidity, winds and precipitation. These are the things that all top quality weather stations have. Manufacturers have started adding a lot of additional features to make their stations stand out, some are useful others are not. You can look at what they offer and decide if you think that they are of any value.

The most important thing with any weather station is that it is accurate, this is really where you get what you pay for. In general the lower cost machines will report both temperatures and wind speeds that are lower than the real value, this is especially true when it comes to winds. If you are serious about your weather information you need to get a machine that is in either the high precision or the professional category. These are the ones where you can be confident about the accuracy. These machines are going to be pretty pricey however. If you are using the station for some purpose where safety is dependent on the weather like aviation then you need to have a high precision station at a minimum.


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