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Karaoke Apps: A Review

Updated on February 29, 2016
Love to Sing? Have a Smartphone? Want a Free Karaoke App?
Love to Sing? Have a Smartphone? Want a Free Karaoke App? | Source

The Voice: Karaoke App for Professionals

Love watching 'The Voice' on TV and love to sing? Then you'll definitely want to check out The Voice, a free Karaoke app to download on your smartphone but you can also download it to your PC. This one is meant for professionals they say and considering myself pretty professional (having sung with a band), I thought why not check it out.

I was unpleasantly surprised when I clicked on a short tutorial video and found myself on cam - which I hastily disabled. I was then urged to sing a note 'la' which I did, I was told successfully, followed by a verse from a song I did not know, so I kept mum, but lo and behold I was ready to sing. Looking through the list of free songs presented to me, I was disappointed when I did not find any I was familiar with. You need to pay for extra songs. So I uninstalled the app.

Sing into Your Smartphone and Upload Online!
Sing into Your Smartphone and Upload Online! | Source

Karaoke App Yokee: a Review

Next it was Yokee. This one had what I was looking for - 'What's Up' by Four Non Blondes, but I had no control over the experience - I could not review the recording and I had no way to re-record the song. When I wanted to try again, I was told I did not have enough 'coins'. So uninstalled this one too.

Free Karaoke on Your Android
Free Karaoke on Your Android | Source
Stop Singing in the Shower! Get Your Free Karaoke App!
Stop Singing in the Shower! Get Your Free Karaoke App! | Source

Red Karaoke Review

Next it was Red Karaoke's turn. I found the song I wanted to sing but although I knew I had done a good job, I was aghast to find that there was no way for me to review my song and when I 'published' it to Facebook and then clicked on the link I had posted there, I found that my voice was totally out of sync with the music.

I hastily deleted that post and uninstalled again. No wonder Red Karaoke had warned me that the song was 'not synchronised' but not offered me any option to 'synchronise' it. To sound like a 'VIP' you had to pay. It seems to me that they purposely destroy your song in order to make money.

iSing- Best Free Karaoke App

iSing - Best Karaoke App

So I went back happily to my iSing where I had already successfully recorded two songs. iSing has tons of songs in various languages and you can re-record any number of times until you get the perfect rendition. You can also request them to upload the songs you want to sing and there's an option to sing without the backing of music. But this one is just available for Android. And it's a good thing. I find it easier to sing into a cell phone and depending on the model, you can probably get a better sound too. Check out my rendition of the beautiful and highly popular song 'Zara Zara'!

Rating iSing Free Karaoke App

4 stars for iSing App for Android

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