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How to Choose a New Computer Mouse

Updated on June 19, 2013
Logitech: world's number 1 mouse
Logitech: world's number 1 mouse

Is the computer mouse a dying breed?

I have already covered the topic in the future of the PC mouse in another Hub here. It is safe to say that according to my analysis that the PC mouse will not be around for much longer. Still, it is going to be purchased by quite a large number of people in the near term. Since this is the case, it helps to know exactly what to look for in a computer mouse; these days the choice lies between an optical mouse or a more expensive laser mouse. These are all examples of the wireless mouse type.

The future mouse with the move to mobile!
The future mouse with the move to mobile!

Things to look out for when buying a computer mouse


The more portable you want the mouse to be, the smaller it should be.


There is the palm grip, the claw grip and the fingertip grip. Its always nice to try working with the computer mouse before buying one.

dpi (dots per inch)

This has to do with the speed of the mouse. A lot of the times it isn't that worthwhile to pay the higher price to get more dpi, but if you use the computer mouse intensively then it makes sense.

Often, a higher dpi is not desirable as it makes the mouse more sensitive and this can be an issue.

Wired or Wireless

Wireless mouse obviously have their advantages with the main one being how portable and convenient they can be since they don't need wires. At the same time, there are drawbacks namely the fact that the wireless mouse needs batteries that are often forgotten. Additionally, the wireless mouse can interfere with the wireless router and other wireless devices. We all know what a pain that can be!

Moreover, wireless mice have lag and this can be really annoying especially for intense gamers.

Optical mouse or Laser mouse

I put a separate section for this because it doesn't make much sense for most people to go in for the pricey laser mouse. This is only for those individuals that require next level precision. Typically, there isn't much of a difference between the laser mouse and the optical mouse especially at resolutions of around 1000ish.

Want an Inexpensive, Wireless and Portable Computer Mouse?

Mouse Pads

Do you use a mouse pad?

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Mouse pads are useful because they prevent scratches to surfaces that a computer mouse is bound to make. Not only that, mouse pads when they are light colored and smooth keep the battery in an optical mouse running for longer periods.

But in reality, the mouse pad is a dying breed.

Ask Questions from Yours Truly

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    • profile image

      livagoth 5 years ago from Greece

      I have been using Sandberg's Battery free wireless mouse:

      So far everything works as planned and it has a nice touch feeling. You do not have to worry about batteries, as it uses a special mouse pad that allows it to operate with no batteries :)