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How to Clear Recent Documents in Ubuntu?

Updated on June 8, 2011

Recent documents of Ubuntu are the files, documents, mp3, music, videos etc. which are recently opened by the users. If a user of Ubuntu just has opened a file or other things, then that can be listed in Places > Recent Documents menu under Ubuntu operating system. It's annoying to list all the opened items to there. However, you may not personally interested that those browsed or opened items should be listed to that place. My friends are frequently asked how to clear those list of recent opened items from that list. Actually, it is very easy and simple. This page explains you the way to clear all the recent documents for the Recent Documents list.

Steps to Clear Recent Documents in Ubuntu

Highlighting "Recent Documents"
Highlighting "Recent Documents"

Follow the following steps to clear recent documents in ubuntu:

Step 1: Login to the Ubuntu user account which you would like to clear all the recent document lists.

Step 2: After successful logged in, click on the Places menu. Note that places menu is located just the side of Applications or System on Ubuntu 10. Clicking on Places menu will popped up a menu where the Recent Documents menu is located at the bottom of the list of menus.

Step 3: Choose Recent Documents and here you see all the recently opened documents list. But our target is to clean al those lists. So, just go to the bottom of the list of recent document lists and here you find a menu Clear Recent Documents... Just click on the Clear Recent Documents... menu.

Step 4: Finishing step 3, a new window named as Clear Recent Documents will be popped up giving you messages like the followings:

Clear the Recent Documents list?

If you clear the Recent Documents list, you clear the followings:

  • All iteems from the Places -> Recent Documents menu item.
  • All items from the recent documents list in all applications

This window just ask you whether you are ready to delete all the recent item lists and ask you whether you would like to Cancel or Clear the recent documents. Just click on Clear button and that's all.

That's all to clear all the recent documents from your Ubuntu desktop. Hopefully, you successfully clear all the recent document lists easily. However, if you face any other difficulties then please mention it to the comment section.

@This hubpage is published by rancidTaste.


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    • profile image

      Aglufertil 5 years ago

      In Linux Mint:

      You can delete the file .recently-used.xbel . It's hidden and located in your home folder (/home/username).