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How to Close Multiple Computer Programs at Once

Updated on November 20, 2012

Sometimes throughout our hectic workdays, we get busy. (Especially on Mondays..). We multitask, get sidetracked, and before you know it, there are dozens of open windows and applications on our Windows desktop.

Personally, I can't work like this (It drives me crazy!), but I see it all the time. I have to jump on someone's PC to see whats going on, (slowness, for example....hmmm), and the first thing I need to do is close down all of the open windows and programs.

It's a pain to sift through the sea of open windows to find the red "x" , clicking one by one... (Especially on a Monday Morning....).
If You've read some of my hubs -- "Windows Keyboard Shortcuts" and "Use Xcopy to Transfer Files", for example, then you probably know by now that I'm all about shortcuts.

In this hub I'll show you how to quickly shutdown all of those open Windows programs:

Note -- In Windows 8 you'll HAVE to know the shortcuts and hotkeys.....but In this hub I'll focus on Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

Shutdown Open Programs Using Task Manager

1. Right click the "Task Bar" (the bottom bar on the Windows desktop), OR press the "ctrl" + "alt" + "del" keys at the same time, and select "Start Task manager"....

TIP - OR hit the "Windows" key + "R" to open the Run bar, and simply type "taskmgr". (Told you I love shortcuts, you will too, once you start Using Windows 8....).


2. Click the "applications" tab on the far left.

3. Hold down the "ctrl" key, and select the applications you wish to close (while still holding the "ctrl" key) with the left click of the mouse. Then press "End Task".

4. OR, If you need to close all of the programs, first left click the first program, then before you click on the last program on the list, hold down the "shift" key....and click "End Task".

TIP - the "shift" key trick comes in handy when copying and pasting files as well

Did you Know that Having Too many Icons on your Windows Desktop will slow it down?

See results

Well, there you go. Task manager can save you time by shutting down all of those open programs at one time. PC's are like Camels, and the Programs are like bags on it's back. Keeping open programs to a minimum will help your PC run better. Good news, your desktop is clean again. Bad news, back to work ya go ;).

~Credits~ -- the "Win Border Blue" borders used in this hub were created by howlermunkey.

~The Energy To Press Forward~ --- has been given to howlermunkey by several (too many) energy drinks.

~The Abiltity to come off such energy drinks ~ The fine wine makers at Napa Valley (nuthin but love).


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