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How to Configure Router Name

Updated on July 15, 2011

A router is a networking device which is used for routing and forwarding information to various paths on the Internet. It's just like a computer. This page covers CISCO router naming i.e. how to configure a CISCO router name, why configuring a CISCO router name is important.The name of a router is called host name and it is displayed as the system prompt. If the router is not configured by a name, then the default name of the router is Router.

The importance of router naming

Router naming is a very important thing in a network. The reasons for naming a CISCO router is discussed below:

  • it uniquely identifies each router.
  • it easily helps to find out the router's location.
  • it helps to better mange the network.
  • it helps to find out the fault of the network.

Configuring CISCO router name

To configure a CISCO rourter name you have to use the hostname command the then the router name in the command line. The default name of the router is Router. When you buy and unpack a new router, then you will see that the name of the router is Router (when you power on the router and enter command line). Actually, one of the basic configuring tasks is to name the router. It can be done by the following commands:

At first enter the global configuration mode:

Router#configure terminal 
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.

Now, name the router by the following command:

Router(config)#hostname MyRouter

Here, "MyRouter" is the name of the router. After executing the above command, you will see that the name of the router is changed to "MyRourte".

Which mode is required to configure a router?

To configure a CISCO router, you must have to access global configuration mode. Without entering the global configuration mode you can't configure a router name or router host name. To access the global configuration mode your have to use configure terminal or config t command.

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