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How to Create a Single Serving Site

Updated on November 1, 2012
An example of a random single serving site.
An example of a random single serving site. | Source

It's Easier Than Ever

Single serving sites by their nature only really have one purpose. Creating such a site, as a result, requires far fewer resources and time than most commercial and personal websites today. This, in addition to its appeal and relative ease in going viral, have made it a popular type of content for bloggers, marketers, technologists, humorists, and social commentators alike.

Start at Square One: Ideas

Create your own by first creating a list of ideas. Do not be afraid to write down whatever it is that comes to mind. Some ideas might only make sense to you, others might have a wide range of appeal. No idea is too boring or fanciful right now.

After you have written down your ideas and you feel like you are in a good place to start processing these ideas, start going through each one. Consider how much time it might take to develop such a site, whether or not you have the ability to create such a website, what appeal the site might have to others, and if you are going to monetize the site.

Get Developing

For ease, you're most likely going to want to look for an idea for a single serving site that is low in development time, able to be created with your own skills, and have widespread appeal. Such a site will be easier to pump out and gain traction more easily than other sites might. For sites that go viral or have the potential to, you might be able to also monetize them using options like advertisements and affiliate networks.

Once you have figured out an idea and how to develop it, start developing the site. Whether you are creating it yourself or with the help of others, aim to keep development time low and the concept as simple as possible.

Show Off Your Work

After the site is finished, sit back for a second. You have just joined the ranks of Internet peculiarity with sites like,, and (Congrats!) Follow this up by showing off your new and cool site to your friends, social networks, forums, social bookmarking services, and sites that promote single serving websites like Are We Full Yet? Again, people might not understand the site, but make no mistake, you have made a mark on the Internet and should be proud of that.


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