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How to Create and Promote a Facebook Page Easily

Updated on February 22, 2012

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites that is available on the net and has the most number of users when compared with other social media sites. This amazing social networking sites is mostly used by youngsters to stay connected with their friend and share interesting content, images and videos. Facebook has been some sort of addiction to a large number of users and there are guys who spend hours infront on Facebook, talking and listening to their friends.

Since its launch, Facebook has come a long way and apart from being a social networking site, it has been used in a more professional way for various business activities. Most of the big companies have their presence on Facebook and they have really benefited from their presence on this amazing social networking site. Apart from having a profile in Facebook, most of the big companies have their own Groups and Pages on Facebook, which would help in enhancing their business to a great extent. Some of the big giants which have benefited from Facebook are Pepsi, Coke, Reebok, Nike etc.

Here I would like to explain how to create a basic Facebook page for your personal or business needs. The steps involved in creating a Facebook page is really simple and the only tough thing is to customize your Facebook Page which I am not well aware of. But I will surely explain how to create a Facebook Page for those who are unaware of this.

Creating Your Facebook Page
1) Go to and click on the most suited option that suits your business.
2) Select the relevant category and other information where ever needed.
3) Now Click the Get Started button and you are done.
4) Fill the required fields in your page.
5) Upload your professional logo.
6) Enter a short company or professional bio.

Promoting Your Facebook Page
Now you have created your Facebook Page and the next thing is to promote your Facebook Page and prompt more users to click on the Like button present on your page. The more Likes you get on your page, the more popular your page would be and your page would have the chances of listing on top of Facebook and Google searches. A lot of businesses make money online by just promoting their Facebook page and their products.Here are the basic steps to promote your Facebook Page in the easiest way.

1) Ask your friend circles to Like your page.
2) Once you get 25 Likes, you would be getting a Facebook widget code to put on your website, so that your website visitors can directly Like your page by clicking on the Like button on the widget provided on your website.
3) Promote your website well so that more visitors come on your website and a good percentage of them Likes your page.
4) Update the wall of your page regularly.
5) Promote the Page link on your email and Forums signatures.
6) Conducts contests, surveys and other engagement activities and invite others.
7) Link your Facebook Page on other social media profiles.

The above steps are the basic things and there are still more intensive ways to promote your Facebook page, but for beginners the above steps would be sufficient. If you have enough marketing skills then there is no end to which you can promote your Facebook Page and there are guys who does this in the most creative marketing style. Those having experience in programming can customize the look and feel of the Facebook page to make it more appealing and attractive. If you have a business website and do not have a Facebook Page yet, then it is high time you create a Page for your business and you can take assistance from the details given above.


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