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How to Edit Photo Album Privacy on Facebook

Updated on June 29, 2010

When Facebook changed their privacy settings recently to make the controls simpler, one of the things that got pushed to the background was the privacy of users' Facebook photo albums. It is still included in the main page that allows you to make all settings "Friends Only" or "Everyone," but accessing more fine-tuned controls for your albums is more difficult now. You're probably wondering why you would need to edit the album privacy for your photos, after all you can select who you want to share your album with when you first upload it. Well sometimes people forget to edit that setting. Or maybe they change their mind. Or perhaps they befriend someone who they really don't want to see a certain photo. Whatever the reason, this guide will help you edit the settings for your album privacy on Facebook.

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Begin by clicking "Account" > "Privacy Settings" on the main page.

Then, you will be on the main page for your settings. If you just want to make your albums visible to "Only Friends" along with the rest of your content, then just select "Only Friends" and you're done. But if you want more control over each individual album, click "Customize settings" with the little pencil next to it.

You will then see the custom settings page. Look towards the bottom of the first section called "Things I share" for a link to "edit album privacy" as shown in this picture:

You will then see each one of your albums which you can then customize using the drop down menus next to them. For example, you may want to make your profile pictures available to everyone, but your mobile photos friends only. That is possible by customizing them this way.

Now, if you want to hide a particular album from one friend or several friends, you will need to edit the custom settings by clicking "edit" next to "custom" in the drop down menu.

You will then notice a box that appears where you can type in the name of certain friends who should not be able to see that photo album. 

Once you finish, save the settings and you are finished! Be aware that hiding an album from a certain friend does not prevent them from seeing other albums or posts.

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    • profile image

      nigah 4 years ago

      but this dosenot help for timeline and you jus cant chk on each and every pic :(

    • profile image

      Gayleen Callihan 4 years ago

      Is there a way I can create a photo album and then let my friends add to it?

    • profile image

      flower 5 years ago

      Alright so, when i click "Photos" i get all four of my albums. On one album i have this arrow drop-down menu that i click to show me who can view it, and it is on custom at the moment. I would like to change the entire album to "friends" however, i get the following "You can change the audience for each photo in this album". How can i change this? I want to control the whole album and not every photo. I cannot change the whole album from "Custom" to "friends".

      I'd really appreciate any answer and help given asap.

    • profile image

      Sakina 5 years ago

      But this doesn't help for timeline! :(

    • profile image

      Zardo 6 years ago

      Thanks that help a lot !!

      The comments kinda helps too.. u usually look if the ppl in comments liked the description sometimes :)

    • xnotion profile image

      xnotion 7 years ago

      Hi Erin,

      Unfortunately, there is no way to edit the privacy of individual photos, only the entire album.

    • profile image

      Erin 7 years ago

      Ok, but there is no way to change the privacy settings of individual photos.

    • profile image

      Babymama21 7 years ago


    • profile image

      7 years ago

      thanks!! helpedd

    • xnotion profile image

      xnotion 7 years ago

      Thanks for the comment eternaltreasures!