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How to Remove Virus from Your Computer

Updated on September 28, 2012

We all know what it is and what sites done the culprit. It test our patience and our endurance to the edge. I’m not a computer geek nor a computer savvy. My knowledge in computers are limited. But it doesn’t mean that those who know about computer technicalities will trick me like I'm stupid.

I was doing some research on the internet and I opened a website that’s related to my research. Before I knew it, there was a red signals flashing on my monitor. It says, “Your window’s firewall is not turn on. Turn it on, now. Click here”. I clicked the button and then…-boom. I never knew that it was a trick, then- they got me. I got pissed but nothing can be done if I get carried away.

How to Avoid the Scam?

First, don’t get alarmed or panic. Don’t browse or open the non-secure sites. Sometimes, even if your ‘pop-up blocker’ is on- there are still ads which will make it through and pop out at once.

Note: You must remember that the people who did the sites and created all these scams are an expert. Everyone call them, ‘Hackers’.

When it’s popping out on your monitor the “Warning signs”. Never click it. Don’t ever believed it. Once you click it, the virus (Trojan virus will run like a horse). And, you’re not aware that you just downloaded it. If you check your control panel, it says, you downloaded new program. Restart your computer to make your download complete. Heck, you just downloaded a virus.
The worst part is if you go to your ‘control panel’, you’ll click ‘Add or remove programs’, you will see that the virus is there and when you remove it, it’s hard to delete. You may not delete it at one click. What did I do to remove it? I clicked. Clicked and clicked even hundred times just remove it.

However, if you can’t avoid it and it’s running on your computer, you have to do something to eliminate it. What did I do? I asked Google on what to do. And, I read many opinions from other people who encountered such a problem. Therefore, I’m not alone. I typed on Google, “How to get rid of this flashing Warning signs”. Gotcha, there are many people who suffered the same problem. Yes, I followed their advice. I downloaded an anti-spyware or spybot to eliminate the virus. I did it. From AVG anti-virus spy, Norton and to other software companies for free but sad to say they can eliminate the virus entirely when you register and upgrade the virus scan. Next, my computer is getting slow because of the virus. Once the Trojan virus is in your hard drive, it’s hard to eliminate. You have to let the computer expert eliminate the virus from your hard drive. But, as for me I want to do it on my own and besides I don’t want anybody to touch my PC. So, I did my best.

Spyware and spybot has no used at all in those times. So I uninstall all my anti-virus scan. What did I do to clean my computer? I put all my important documents to my back-up files. And, put my PC into Recovery Mode.

Tips: Never, ever take out money from your own pocket and pay them. This sites will only want your 30 bucks or more. Don't get fooled.


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    • IT-Pro profile image

      Joe Nazario 5 years ago from Spring Hill, FL

      Most times you won't see the virus installed on in the add/remove programs section. If you have a pop up that looks like a virus hit ALT+F4 and this will close the program out for you.