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How to Fix Bricked Iphone

Updated on June 18, 2013

Most of the people get crazy about why their Iphone or Ipod doesn't work, once they turn on the iphone they can only see an apple logo stuck on the screen or its doing a loop on a booting sequence, they would assume that its stuck and they just need to reset the device into factory default but when you turned it off and turning back on, its powering up and you'll see again the apple logo, so they will think "What happened to my Iphone"..

The answer is Your iphone was bricked

If your a tech savvy person you'll know that the Iphone was bricked and its completely useless but if your just an ordinary guy, you wouldn't know what is happening on your device. Bricked Iphone or bricked electronics gadget means one thing. The firmware or operating system on that device were corrupted. There's several reasons why your Iphone bricked.

Reasons why your Iphone bricked

1. Messed up internal settings/ important files of your Iphone using some applications like fileapp, iExplorer, Ifile, Istorage and Ifunbox. When you used this apps, you would be able to access configuration folders inside your phone, you can delete or modify anything there.

2. When you download updates from unreliable websites.

3. Updates with corrupted files.

4. Jailbreaking or unlocking carriers

Based on the listings above Jailbreaking/ Unlocking carriers are the most common reason why Iphone got bricked. Wrong procedure on jailbreaking/ unlocking carriers may lead to make your Iphone unusable.

On this guide you'll know the step by step procedure on how to unbrick or basically fix your Iphone.

Troubleshooting steps to fix your Bricked Iphone

1. Press and hold the power button and home button at the same time for 10 seconds to do the power cycle, this troubleshooting step is basic for every electronic devices not only on Iphone.

2. Connect the USB to Iphone cord from your phone to computer and then try to power cycle it again.

3. Restore the Iphone using itunes, If the restore didn't work on itunes, you need to uninstall and re-install an updated itunes version in your computer. If you'll restore the device using itunes it will automatically search for an updated iOS firmware to be installed on your Iphone.

4. Enter DFU mode. DFU is the Device Firmware Update its like safe mode on windows computers. Unlike restoring an Iphone on itunes. DFU is different, when you use DFU mode you can select a firmware to be installed on your phone. You can also downgrade or upgrade the iOS firmware inside DFU mode.

5. After step 4, itunes will automatically download the latest firmware for your Iphone if you are connected to the internet.

After you have finished all the steps all you need to do now is enjoy using again your Iphone and be thankful that you don't need to call a technician or sending your Iphone to apple store.


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      3 years ago

      At last! Someone with the insight to solve the prlomeb!

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      3 years ago

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