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How to Fix Unresponsive Programs on your Computer

Updated on May 29, 2013


Unresponsive programs and softwares on your computer may occur for a number of reasons. These programs result in the improper shutting down of your computer (not windows shutdown button but shutdown button on your computer). This is not only annoying, but actually can be harmful for your computer's hard drive.

In this article below, I will show you, along with screenshots, how to prevent and solve this problem.

You need to do two things to solve the problem:

1. In “My Computer” right click on drive C (or whatever the name of your harddrive is) select properties. in the second tab checkmark both boxes and run the check.

c drive properties
c drive properties
c drive tools
c drive tools
c drive tools check
c drive tools check

2. install CCleaner (its free and safe, you can download it from CNET's checkmark all boxes, including the advanced stuff also. in its Options click Settings and checkmark "Secure file deletion (Gutmann 35 passes)" below that at Wipe free space drives check the drive you want to wipe. Also below that checkmark "Wipe MFT Free Space" Don't worry; it will not wipe vital stuff only cookies, Start Menu settings,etc. Basicly it set the system back to default (without uninstallying your programs, and setting within the different programs)Go back to the Cleaner and run it. This will take a long time, probably a couple of hours, but in the meanwhile you can continue using your computer (or just start it before you go to bed). If you uncheck "Wipe MFT Free Space", this will considerably speed up the process. After this is finished, start the Registry Cleaner (Second button from top).

ccleaner setting
ccleaner setting


These three actions should solve the problem of unresponsive programs. If not, you should turn to your local system administrator, or computer expert, because your hard drive might be damaged.


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    • hafeezrm profile image

      hafeezrm 7 years ago from Pakistan

      Qute helpful. I would try when the occasion arises.