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How to Format or Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S3

Updated on April 28, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S3 is a great phone with big bright screen and superb quality camera. It was a flagship and so the built quality of this Android phone is great. But many users may face some problems after using the phone for a long time. The device may become sluggish or unresponsive. Some apps may begin to crash and misbehave. Such problems can be cured by formatting your phone. Another name of format is hard reset. You can hard reset Samsung Galaxy S3 phone easily by following the methods described below:

Read Before You Proceed

  • All these methods are tested by many users and proved useful. So, you can follow the procedures without any problem. But you must consider one thing that the author or the site is not any way responsible for any damage to you, your phone or data before, after or during the processes given below.
  • You should backup important data from your phone before formatting it. Otherwise, you may lose important data. Contacts and Wi-Fi passwords etc can easily be backed up in your Google account via the phone. There are apps to save the apps too.
  • You need to have more than 70% battery charged before hard reset.

"Backup and reset" button in Samsung Galaxy S3
"Backup and reset" button in Samsung Galaxy S3

Reset using Settings Menu

1) Open the “Menu” and then go to the “Settings” page.

2) Find out the “Back up and reset” option which should be under personal tab. The back up option will save your phones important data like app data, contacts etc to the Google servers. If you do not want to do so or you have done it before by using different options, then you can uncheck the options.

3) Now, find out the “Factory data reset” option below. It will reset all settings on the phone and also delete everything from the device.

4) Tap that option and then select “Reset Device”.

5) After that you need to provide the PIN or lock code password.

6) Select “Delete all” to format your Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone. Just confirm and wait for sometimes for the completion of the task.

Tap the "Factory data reset" option to format Samsung Galaxy S3
Tap the "Factory data reset" option to format Samsung Galaxy S3

Reset using Hardware Buttons

Sometimes, the phone can become corrupted due to some virus attack or other reasons. In such cases, it becomes very difficult to find out the settings options by accessing the phone’s menu. You will have to use the hardware buttons to format the phone and solve that problem. If you want to do so, just follow the steps stated below:

1) You need to enter the special boot screen of the phone. So, you need to switch off it at first.

2) Press “Home” and “Volume Up” button together and also press the “Power” button simultaneously.

3) After a few seconds, you will feel the vibration of the phone. It is the time to let the “Power” button go. I mean, release it.

4) The Android system recovery screen will appear soon. After that, you do not need to press the “Home” and “Vol+” button.

5) The system recovery screen is a primitive one and so it does not support the touch screen. You need to use the volume up and down buttons to move through options. To register a click, one needs to press the power button once.

6) Now, go to the “wipe data / factory reset” option. Fire it using the power button.

7) Next, you will have to select “Delete all user data”.

8) Press the power button and your SGS3 will be formatted soon.

9) Wait until the process of hard reset being completed. Then the screen will show “reboot system now”.

10) Reboot the phone and enjoy a freshly formatted phone.

Watch the Video to Understand the Methods Better

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Reset using Secret Code

The Samsung Galaxy S3 phone can also be formatted by pressing certain numbers and symbols i.e. secret codes. Yes, there are some “secret codes” which can be used for various special operations. You can format the phone by using such a code. Just open the dial pad. Now, dial the number *2767*3855#.

Warning: this code will start deleting everything immediately without asking you to confirm. So, do not press it without being fully ready.

Feel free to ask any question regarding the method. We will try our best to answer them. Please, write your questions in full, legible English and do not spam the comment box with unwanted links.


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