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Cheap Home Security Cameras

Updated on November 12, 2012

Home Security Camera Systems

With theft and housebreaking on the rise and on an upward trend, especially during the Christmas season, home owners must now take precautionary measures to prevent burglaries from happening and protect loved ones from being harmed. However, a deterrent from getting home security systems is the steep cost of installing and maintaining them. One may argue that no price should be put upon safety and security but spending hard earned savings on home security cameras and other security equipments will make any owner think twice about forking out the money.

For those who worry about their homes being compromised yet not willing to part with a considerable amount of money, there are cheaper alternatives for home security cameras out in the market. All it takes is just a little bit of common sense, and it will go a long way into keeping your home and belongings protected. Statistics have shown that most home burglars enter from the door, usually targeting doors that are hollow-core with locks that are considerably easy to pick with locksmith tools. Replace these doors with solid wood doors that come with a deadbolt. Sometimes a sturdy looking door provides enough deterrence toburglars; they will target an easier door to bust into. To add more muscle to your door security, invest in a metal gate and install a good lock for it. These locks are usually more expensive than normal padlocks but they are thick and almost impenetrable.

Buying a cheap home security camera

Now that you have covered your doors, it is time to implement technology into home security. Top of the line security camera systems will definitely cost an arm and sometimes a foot, so you need to lower your sights and take into consideration technology that is a rung or two lower. Like any other electronic products, new technology is expensive and will only get a drop in its price when something new comes out in the market. Of course, older models do not mean they are less efficient, they provide security as well, the only come with lesser features than current models. Take into consideration security cameras that are no-frills and have no added features such as night vision and automatic motion tracker. These features, while provide only a little bit of extra, costs a bomb.

Home Security

home security cameras
home security cameras

Another source of cheap home security systems would be to get them from homes looking to upgrade their own security system. These systems are usually sold in a complete set with multiple cameras and a digital video recorder and are sold at rock bottom prices. It is good to check if the system is in working condition before completing the sale since some owners tend to change security systems due to faulty wiring or a faulty camera.

If you find both of the options above are still beyond your budget, it is probably time for you to make use of the internet. Countries with cheap production costs like China manufacture security cameras at much cheaper prices, and they work just as well as other security cameras. Getting your security system from the internet also means you can make it highly customizable to your needs. You get to pick the amount of cameras you need and a video recorder that is cheap and offers long playback. However, customizing your own home security camera system also means you have to do your own wiring and placing of the cameras. Researching the website and its credentials before buying is also crucial. You do not want to be paying good money on an elaborate internet scam.

While home security systems can be affordable, time and effort has to be put in to research the products. There are scam security companies in the market promising good value at affordable prices only to find out your house is no better off being “burglar-proof” before they came. Again, all you need is a little common sense, simple tips and guidelines like having window locks installed on all windows and not leaving a key to your lock outside your house can make a difference in protecting your loved ones and belonging or turning your home into an easy prey for burglars. Good luck and be safe!


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